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The best apps to clean the I Phone

The best apps to clean the I Phone– Do you feel that your I Phone is not as fast as when you bought it? Are you locked for no apparent reason or your storage is reduced for no reason? Does the battery no longer last you all day? If so, then you may have to clean the I Phone to leave it as good as new. But do not worry if you do not know anything about how to do this, since there are many applications that will help you in this. Let’s see what are some of them:

It is true that since the I Phone 8 and I Phone X it is now possible to charge the phone tirelessly . It is also indicated because this way we will get the port mentioned above to last us longer. But anyway, he is not exempt from carrying the phone in his pocket and getting dirty with the passage of time , so we will see some tips to clean the Lightning port in case it is necessary.

Clean the I Phone

best apps to clean the I Phone

This is one of the best tools for contact clean of the I Phone. This is due to the elimination of the duplicates and the information in the cache. Phone Clean is easy to access and helps restore synchronization with your desktop computers. It has a very intuitive interface. Among its features are: Eliminates hidden junk files on clean the I Phone and free space. It clears the cache, files offline and makes your cell phone work faster. Protect your privacy by cleaning cookie files. It gets rid of media files downloaded partially or with failed syncing.


best clean the I Phone

This application is very effective because it indicates the percentage of Ram Memory. Also, check the disk size of your I Phone so you know what space you have left and you can eliminate unnecessary files.

Cleaner, Memory and cache manager (free): Clears the memory of iOS devices very quickly. It is designed to free the memory of malware, spyware and adware. In addition, it helps the user to maintain a rational use of space in the memory of his device. Check the performance of our device, check the status of memory and the effectiveness of free memory. Once these tests are done, you can do the cleaning with a single click the Memory Clean-Up button. This application also cleans the cache and erases the entire history of our I Phone.

AVG Performance (free trial): This application has a pro version for $ 519.00 MX, but it is not necessary to buy it to obtain great results. AVG removes temporary files and error log files. It also removes the unnecessary cache stored by applications. Remove the thumbnails created by the photo applications and remove incomplete downloads. By simply connecting an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a computer, this program can clean your device.

System IC

top clean the I Phone

System IC frees up space on your I Phone, frees resources and optimizes device operation. The best thing of all is that this application improves the performance of your cell phone without having to jailbreak. This is very useful if you do not know how to jailbreak or do not want to take away the warranty on your I Phone. With this application you will see several screens: monitoring of the battery, disk, CPU, RAM and device information. But the best thing is that it will be optimized as you browse through your options.


clean the I Phone

It also has a pro version for $ 2.00 USD in which extra features are offered. Battery HD is simple, colorful and very useful. It has all the information you need to know how much life the iPhone has left until a new load. It is available for iOS as of version 5.0. Improved battery performance is achieved by optimizing some phone applications and functions. In addition, it also makes basic changes in the configuration of the cell phone so that your battery lasts all day.

I Cleaner Pro

best apps to clean the I Phone

I Cleaner will allow us to eliminate all those unnecessary files quickly and easily. The application allows to delete attachments of I Message or MMS, cache, cookies, Safari history and history of other applications. I Cleaner asks to eliminate, in addition, log and temporary files and unnecessary languages ​​stored in the phone data. The program also offers different options for advanced users with knowledge in optimization.

It is important to note that not because some apps are paid these will be better than free. Each one is designed for different types of users, so you should try several and stay with your favorite. Similarly, it is not always necessary to buy the pro version of a free application, this is only for when you need an extra. Do not be afraid to delete the files that those applications mark as “junk files”, since they are not really important at all. These are “ghost” traces left by applications that you have already deleted or some cache data that you no longer use. Do not wait any longer and download these applications to make your I Phone look like new.

Finally, we must mention the option that most security of all will give us, although it is a bit annoying to have to move to one, depending on where we live. But it is not an impediment to ensure that the I Phone remains in perfect conditions of use.

Taking the I Phone to an Apple Store can be done by requesting a prior appointment with a Genius before moving. In this way we make sure that we will not have to wait for our turn. We just arrived at the aforementioned time and delivered the I Phone.

Clean the I Phone should not take long in an Apple Store , so it is more than likely to be delivered after a few minutes again and fully functional.


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