Aquarium In The Interior Of The Apartment
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Aquarium In The Interior Of The Apartment

Probably the first thing that comes to mind is a person who wants to have a pet, but who do not have enough free time to care for him – this is a fish. Although the simplicity of caring for such pets, of course, is a controversial issue. Anyway, even a small aquarium with fish is not only an opportunity to settle silent and nice living creatures at home but also a spectacular interior solution. Of course, with proper use.

Aquarium In The Interior Of The Apartment

What gives an aquarium in the interior of an apartment or office?

Let’s start with the meaning that designers of the whole world find in the application of this object as a kind of room decoration:

  • Relaxation. You may have noticed that recently aquariums are increasingly found in offices, trading floors, representative offices of various companies and organizations, and in most cases, they are placed in halls, reception rooms and the like. The fact is that observation of underwater inhabitants really helps to relax, calm, improve mood – in a word, make a person more sympathetic.

Aquarium In The Interior Of The Apartment

  • Unique interior. Even if the overall design of the room is not unusual and out of the ordinary, you just need to add an aquarium to it – and it will look much more advantageous and interesting.
  • Air humidification. If the aquarium is kept clean, if it regularly changes the water, if the owners monitor the condition of the fish, it will help to moisten the air in the room. This is a very important nuance since dry air causes deterioration of health, decreased brain activity, and fatigue.
  • Zoning with this element you can stylishly and effectively divide the room into different zones. For example, to separate the living room from the dining room, the playing area from the place for communication, the reception desk from the hall, and so on.

Aquarium In The Interior Of The Apartment

  • New hobby. In the end, the fish in the aquarium – it is still pets. The variety of their species is extremely large, as is the number of features of each of them. The modern market also offers many varieties of plants, decorative and functional elements for aquariums. All this can be the new and very passionate hobby that will charge you with positive.

What are the aquariums in the interior?

They are very diverse, but most of their variations, which can be used in the interior of an apartment or office, can be divided into the following groups:

  • Separate aquariums: on the cabinet, table, special stand. They can be used simply for all the above purposes, excluding zoning, or, in addition, also for the unobtrusive division of a room into zones.
  • Bulkhead aquariums or aquariums embedded in bulkheads. In this case, it is usually a floor-to-ceiling construction that separates the room more clearly and obviously. When installing such an aquarium, consider the purpose of the zones, the location of the chairs, chairs, and sofas in them. It will be very convenient if you arrange the objects so that sitting in each of the zones you can comfortably watch the fish.
  • Aquariums built into the walls. It can be both compact and rather large interior items. Although installing them is more complicated than the two previous versions, these difficulties are worth it: the aquariums built into the walls look very impressive and atmospheric.

Aquarium In The Interior Of The Apartment

  • Aquariums, to some extent replacing other interior items. For example, aquariums-kitchen countertops, aquariums-coffee tables, cabinets, clocks, statues with built-in aquariums, and much more have become quite popular recently.

In addition, aquariums can have a different shape and configuration: in the modern world, manufacturers produce products of even the most bizarre appearance, instantly refreshing the interior.

Aquarium In The Interior Of The Apartment

What should I take care of when buying an aquarium?

If you decide to decorate your room with a live aquarium, you will have to take care of a few nuances:

  • The species composition of its inhabitants. Different types of fish, frogs and other “tenants” need different care, in different conditions, in addition, some of them are absolutely incompatible with each other. To make the right choice, you will have to sort out this information or ask for help from a pet shop consultant.
  • Filters. They are biological, mechanical and chemical, and more than one type of filter is usually used within the same aquarium. They are necessary in order to timely remove from the water waste fish and ammonia. To select them correctly, you can again consult a specialist.

Aquarium In The Interior Of The Apartment

  • Heater and thermometer. For aquatic creatures, maintaining the right temperature is critical. Accordingly, the aquarium will definitely have to purchase a heater, and in order to control the temperature regime – a thermometer.
  • Pumps and compressors. They are designed to enrich the water with oxygen, without which the inhabitants of the aquarium, again, will feel bad and may die.

Aquarium In The Interior Of The Apartment

  • Lighting. It allows you to make the aquarium the most spectacular, beautiful and bright, but when choosing lighting equipment, try to take into account the “interests” of the fish and vegetation.
  • Decorative items. There are so many of them now that we will not list all possible options. We can only say that if you wish, you can make a real work of art out of your aquarium, as evidenced by numerous photos on the Internet. The main thing, again, is to think not only about beauty but also about the comfort of aquatic inhabitants.

And one more important nuance that you should take into account is the availability of free time. Of course, the fish are not as demanding as, for example, dogs, but taking care of them still takes time and effort. In any case, if you want your aquarium to be a real interior decoration and not vice versa. However, if you wish, everything is possible, so if the thought of such a transformation of the interior turns very aggressively in your mind, it may be time to act!

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