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Are you suffering from care guilt?

Feeling guilty is the main emotion that each family is going through at various times while exploring care options for a loved one. The responsibility of caring for others comes with a large amount of stress in terms of making decisions and considering factors in relation to finance and health. In reality, care decisions are often tricky and not clear cut. It is impossible to make the right decision in every situation. It is totally natural to make mistakes, as long as we try our hardest with the available resources that we have at the time.

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The most controversial decisions that have the power to result in feelings of guilt include whether to place a loved one in a care setting. Especially when someone requires a level of intensive care and constant supervision-something the family caregiver cannot provide on their own- and this is often accompanied by a sense of defeat.

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Take the time to acknowledge and appreciate that it is a complicated situation. It is a big responsibility to become the primary caregiver for a person. We have to decide about a situation that we have never experienced before and no real idea of what the right or wrong answer is. After we make care decisions, we must bear the consequences. This may mean a lot of changes, or it may mean maintaining things as they are for now.


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