Are Your Employees Losing Their Corporate Electronics?

Are your employees costing you thousands of dollars each year? The employees of BBC are certainly wasting a lot of money in the form of lost and stolen electronics and the company is no exception. Depending on the reliability of your employees, you too may be seeing a number of electronics disappear in a puff of smoke. Not only can this cost your business money, but it could result in the loss of valuable data.

About BBC Losses

BBC employees have lost 750,000 pounds worth of electronics. At the time of this article, that’s over 1.14 million dollars. In just three years, 785 tablets, laptops, and mobile phones were either lost by the employee or stolen. While the BBC certainly employes a large number of people, one can’t help but wonder how so many electronics can go missing. Do employees simply not care about the company’s property or are the employees just careless?

Why Equipment Loss Makes Businesses Vulnerable

Equipment loss can cost a business more than just the monetary value of the device. Today’s employees carry a number of sensitive documents that can make the business vulnerable to outsiders. If you run a successful business, stolen mobile devices may even find their way into the hands of the competition. Depending on the information stored on said devices, this could be disastrous for your company.

How to Protect Corporate Electronics

Corporate electronics can be protected in a number of ways. The first step would be including a class for new hires that discusses the importance of protecting electronics. There should also be rules in place that handle employees who lose electronics. When there’s something at stake, such as a week without pay or firing, employees will be more apt to pay attention. It should also be noted that mobile devices should never be placed in checked luggage, but instead kept in carry-on luggage to prevent mishaps when traveling. Mobile devices should also be password protected and secured by software that will allow you to track down and wipe the device of all information. Lastly, remember to cover all electronic devices under an insurance policy so that the expenses are easier to recover.

It isn’t just large companies that lose mobile devices. Some employees may even be targets of other businesses and have their devices stolen as a way for the competition to gain a leg up. Taking the time to speak to your employees about protecting these devices and also installing security software can help keep your information safe. A good insurance policy can also help cover the costs in certain situations.

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