• Care For A Premature Newborn Baby After Discharge: Rules And Features
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    Care For A Premature Newborn Baby After Discharge: Rules And Features

    A baby born to 37 full weeks of pregnancy and weighing 500 grams is considered premature. As a rule, the earlier the baby is born, the higher the risk of various complications. Such a baby has too little fatty tissue, so it needs to maintain constant body temperature. He may have breathing problems due to respiratory distress syndrome or bronchopulmonary dysplasia. The special needs of premature babies require special treatment. Let’s talk about what you need to know about caring for a premature newborn baby after being discharged, and what parents may encounter upon arrival home. In the article, you will receive useful recommendations from experienced pediatricians.

  • Sediment In The Urine During Pregnancy: Cause And Effect

    Sediment In The Urine During Pregnancy: Cause And Effect

    One of the main diagnostic criteria for pregnancy is the analysis in the urine. The slightest deviation of indicators from the norm may indicate the health problems of the expectant mother, requiring more detailed diagnosis and prompt treatment. What does the appearance of turbidity and sediment in the urine of a pregnant woman? What measures to take to get rid of the pathology and prevent the occurrence of more serious problems? A small medical education program will help to understand the causes and consequences of such a deviation.

  • Recipe

    Mango Chia Pudding With Coconut Milk

    For those who adhere to the principles of healthy eating, chia-pudding will be the best option for a wholesome, yet healthy breakfast. This tasty dish in the morning will charge the body with a mass of nutrients and energy for the whole day. Today we will try to figure out what the uniqueness of the recently popular mango chia pudding lies in and learn how to prepare different versions of this useful delicacy.

  • How To Make A Good Photo?

    How To Make A Good Photo?

    Now you do not need to have a professional technique in order to seriously get involved in photography – pretty good cameras can be found on any modern smartphone. With the help of interesting pictures, we keep the warmest memories, we document daily life and share bright moments with friends and family. But how to make a good photo?

  • Aquarium In The Interior Of The Apartment
    Home Renovation

    Aquarium In The Interior Of The Apartment

    Probably the first thing that comes to mind is a person who wants to have a pet, but who do not have enough free time to care for him – this is a fish. Although the simplicity of caring for such pets, of course, is a controversial issue. Anyway, even a small aquarium with fish is not only an opportunity to settle silent and nice living creatures at home but also a spectacular interior solution. Of course, with proper use.

  • How To Quickly Dry Jeans After Washing At Home?
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    How To Quickly Dry Jeans After Washing At Home?

    Jeans are the favorite clothes of women, children, and men because they are perfectly combined with t-shirts, sweatshirts, moccasins, and pumps, suitable for any time of year. And if it so happened that your favorite jeans are washed, and you need to wear them right now, then the methods collected in our material will help you to quickly dry jeans. Have patience, towels and heating appliances

  • Swag Style Clothing For Women

    Swag Style Clothing For Women

    The outrageous swag style originated in the poorest African-American quarters, but also in America it appealed too many. Extravagant bright girls from him just crazy! Preferred swag-image fashionistas are bold individuals with high self-esteem who adore attention. An eccentric style of dressing is inextricably linked with rap, with hip-hop culture. The abundance of jewelry: large earrings, rings, massive chains, rhinestones, artificial stones, lots of tattoos, piercings, acid shades in clothes, catchy and even causing makeup – all these are integral parts of swag style.

  • Onycholysis: Causes And Treatment

    Onycholysis: Causes And Treatment

    Onycholysis is a common disease affecting the nails. Characterized by the splitting of the nail plate, the formation of voids under it. The tip of the nail often takes the form of a crescent, changes color to blue-white, yellow or brown. What to do and how to cure the disease at home? Is it possible to quickly get rid of the unpleasant “hood” on the nails?

  • How To Choose The Best Type Of Oral Contraceptives?
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    How To Choose The Best Type Of Oral Contraceptives?

    Contraception is the right and, in some way, the duty of every woman who is responsible for her life, family, and future. The birth of children should be planned, desired, it should be a holiday and the greatest happiness in the world, and not an incident that happened by chance. You need to prepare for it both morally and financially. And if at the moment you are not ready to replenish in the family, then you should pay attention to oral contraceptives.

  • How To Lose Weight Nursing Moms After Childbirth And How To Eat?
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    How To Lose Weight Nursing Moms After Childbirth And How To Eat?

    Any girl tends to look beautiful at every stage of her life, including after childbirth. During this period, the female body undergoes colossal transformations, which often causes shock to young mothers. Looking at their figure, they ask themselves the question: “Will it be possible to return the old forms and how long does it take to lose weight?”. And the answer, in any case, turns out to be positive! Moreover, nursing moms can not only lose weight easily but also significantly tighten the form.