golf swing tips for beginners

Basic golf swing tips for beginners

You will know that swing is the movement we make to hit the ball when making the stroke. If you are starting to play golf, you will have wondered more than once how to make a good swing. Although practice on the ground is fundamental, we will explain some golf swing tips for beginners.

Before getting down to work, we must not forget that what we want to achieve with the swing is to maximize the speed of the club head at the moment of hitting the ball to reach the maximum distance.

Golf swing tips for beginners

golf swing tips for beginners

A good swing will depend on much of our position (stance) and of how to grab the stick (GRIP), to be made keeping the rod as close to the base of the toes.

The position in the swing

The first thing you need to know to make a swing is that to have a good position we must open the legs to the width of the hips. We lean slightly from the hip forward and bend the knees. The arms have to have amplitude so that they stay stretched during the blow. The ball has to be placed in the center, but a little displaced to the left, although it will depend on the chosen club.

If you are playing golf, you will already know that the first part of the swing starts by separating the head of the ball from the ball. You have to do it gently and with your arms extended. The movement has to end with the stick over the shoulder and parallel to the ground and our body curled on itself.

beat a golf ball

The beating of the ball

Once this movement is over, we move on to the change of direction of the swing with which we are going to hit the ball. It begins the descent of the stick with a movement of hips with which we reverse the turn of our body while we lower the head of the club. This movement must be done with controlled force. When we hit the ball, far from finishing the swing, we must continue with the movement.

The end of the swing

end of the swing

Given the movement, we have made previously and the force with which we have hit the ball, it will be difficult for us to stop. So we continue to decelerate little by little. The golf club will continue to draw an arc around our body. When this movement ends, the stick must be above our head.

To make a good swing, it is necessary to practice and have an expert player to teach us the golf swing tips for beginners.

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