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Beauty tips to look perfect at your wedding

Beauty tips- Achieving a movie hair, a glowing skin and hands of envy is not a product of a day. So if you want to be radiant in your “yes, I want”, take note of these beauty codes and look great on day B. Do not leave anything to chance!

The organization of a wedding is a task as exciting as absorbing. There are many details to take care of, such as the original wedding ideas that make your link as unique and unrepeatable as you and the choice of perfect bridal accessories. It is the case of both the bridal shoes , for example, and the beautiful bridal bouquet that will accompany you in this important event.

All brides want to look perfect at the most important moment of their life: the day of their wedding. And for this they hire the best makeup artists and hairstylists: but before this, they can also follow simple beauty tips to make them look great by saying “yes”.

To avoid haste and last minute stress, the ideal is to have everything prepared in advance, such as decorating ideas for weddings or those unique gifts for wedding guests , with whom you expect an unprecedented triumph. Without forgetting, of course, beauty care, because the secret to shine radiant and spectacular in your big day is planning. How to get it? Find out in the following tips, which will leave your skin perfect, your hair amazing and your hands impeccable . Attentive? We start!

Follow the beauty tips to look perfect at your wedding

A radiant skin on the big day

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You do not get a radiant skin from one day to another but with daily routines. So get down to work. Apply cleansing, moisturizing and toning products every day (morning and night) and perform peels every week or every fortnight to cleanse the pores deeply.

Oily, dry, mixed or normal skin? Remember that you must use specific products for your type of skin and that you must remove makeup in depth to avoid remaining traces of mascara or other products on the face. As for body care, your body needs regular hydration in arms, legs, shoulders … Emphasize in this regard that the neckline requires specific treatments , because your skin is delicate. The ideal is to nourish well daily and exfoliate with a soft product at least once a week. And do not forget to apply sunscreen on this area and neck to prevent unsightly spots appear. In this way you will look great if you have opted for a romantic wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline as for any other design that gives prominence to this area: word of honor, spaghetti straps, boat neckline, drooping shoulders …

On the other hand, it is not recommended to try new cosmetic products shortly before the link, as they could cause some discomfort or alteration in the skin. So within a few weeks of the wedding, trust only your usual beauty products.

Bright, care and silky hair

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The key to make your hair look spectacular is that it is healthy. The tips open or combed as usual and not achieve the same result are signs that it is necessary to clean it. To be absolutely radiant it is essential to treat it with keratin and hydrate it thoroughly . In this way you can choose per hairstyle you prefer on your big day. It does not matter if yours are the ones collected with bangs , the semi-picked ones or the hairstyles for loose hair . Choose the one you choose, you will be equally spectacular and your hair will look shiny and silky.

It is also important to have the color defined a few months before the link and, if you want, to give the final touches of the wicks or the dye during the two weeks before the wedding. If you also want to perform some shine or hydration treatment, it is time to do it.

Show off hands

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Your hands will be one of the great protagonists of the ceremony, both during the exchange of alliances and when the photographer immortalizes them holding your bridal bouquet with coves or wonderful roses. So it’s essential that they look good. How? The first and very important step, try not to bite your nails . Perhaps the stress of having to choose the original details for weddings , to select an exquisite menu or to come up with some ideas for the photocell that surprise those present surpasses you, but you must find effective techniques to stop doing it.

Regarding the manicure , it is advisable to do two: the first ten days before the link, in which the professional can assess the status of the nails and the second and final, a day before or if, there is time, the same day of the wedding. In this second manicure, a treatment with paraffin is usually performed , which prepares the nail for the enamel, while eliminating dead skin cells and nourishing it deeply.

An extra tip: follow a varied diet and drink plenty of water or natural fruit juices . Exercise is also a secret of infallible beauty for body and mind. In this way you will achieve that the fitted wedding dress you have chosen for the occasion will look great and you will only have to choose the wedding hairstyle that best suits you. You will be the most beautiful girlfriend in the world!

Do not abuse the dryer or the iron

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Heat is one of the biggest enemies of hair. The constant use of the dryer, the iron or the tweezers can have disastrous consequences for your hair, from drying it to making it brittle. Therefore, it is important that each time you use heat, use hair products that protect it . Even better, you could avoid using them in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Do not forget to read  3 indispensable tips to choose the ideal makeup and hairstyle for your wedding .

Beware of changes in look

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Most hairdressers advise us to make great changes in look in the months leading up to the wedding . Therefore, all cutting and color arrangements must be made in advance, in order to solve any unforeseen event.

According to Juan Estrada , a professional in beauty with more than 10 years of experience in the makeup and hairstyle for brides, the cuts of tips and color adjustment should be done according to the indications of the stylist , who will evaluate the state of hair and will give the corresponding indications one or two weeks before the wedding. For those brides who decide to wear semi-shrunk or loose hair, a cut design is also recommended.


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Like the skin, your hair should be well hydrated. Especially for those dry hair, this is very important. With some weeks of anticipation, he makes masks once or twice a week and uses high quality products. In this way, you can highlight your natural brightness and eliminate frizz . However, in the last 7 days prior to the wedding, it is advisable not to abuse the hydration to avoid hair becoming excessively docile.

It is also likely that your stylist will perform treatments or professional rituals to recover the drier areas and tips. Do not miss: 5 ideas of hairstyles that will inspire you if you wear short hair

Do not use conditioner on wedding day

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Juan Estrada advises not to use conditioner or creams to comb the day of the wedding . On the other hand, it is best to wash your hair with a fine shampoo, without parables or salts, since the products that you use when combing your hair have a moisturizing function that replaces other products. Excessive use of moisturizers can cause your hair to become oily or the hairstyle will not last.

Home care

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Everything you do at home to take care of your hair will be noticed on the day of the wedding. The use of high quality hair products is key , although they tend to be more expensive, they have very good results in a shorter period of time. It is also recommended to be careful with the sun, perform treatments periodically, have good hygiene and wash the hair with cold water to give it shine.

Finally, although  beauty tips to look perfect at your wedding day is something you can not miss, it will be a unique and unrepeatable moment and therefore you will need to start with the care of your skin and hair a few months before the big day. Is easier than it looks like! Once you choose the professional team that will accompany you, the first thing you should do is listen to their advice and open up to the changes: they are experts in highlighting the beauty of their clients and they will make you look super cute.

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