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Belladonna in Teething Products Warns FDA

The FDA has confirmed that they have found elevated levels of Belladonna in homeopathic teething products. Belladonna, or deadly nightshade, is a highly toxic substance that when ingested can prove to be fatal, so this discovery is cause for alarm.

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In order to counteract the risk, the FDA is now warning parents that certain homeopathic remedies may have far higher doses of Belladonna than their labels stipulate, and that its best to avoid these tablets or drops for the foreseeable future.

Highlighting the Danger

There have been a number of articles that highlight the limits and dangers of homeopathy, and this latest incident has once again shone the spotlight on natural and conventional medicine.

When the FDA discovered there were homeopathic remedies that had dangerous levels of Belladonna they contacted the Standard Homeopathic Company in Los Angeles, who were responsible for the manufacture of the product, and requested a recall of Hyland’s homeopathic teething products. The cause for concern was the fluctuating levels of Belladonna but, as yet, no recall has been undertaken.

Lack of Jurisdiction

As the product is labelled as homeopathic the FDA cannot insist on recall as there has been no 510k approval, and companies would have not been involved in ensuring the teething products are safe for consumption. The question of how long does it take to get a FDA 510k approved would not have even arisen, as homeopathic remedies can go straight to market without FDA sanction.

The FDA has, however, publicly recommended that consumers avoid these teething products, and they have every right to do so as they are protecting the public. It’s not the first time that these types of teething products have come under fire, and although the FDA cannot see them removed from the shelves, they have taken a strong stance on their availability and are trying to ensure people are aware of the dangers.  So in summary don’t buy these products and get your teeth clean a different way.  You could always book in with a Teeth whitening Cardiff company at sites including
Homeopathy not an Exact Science

When taken by children under the age of two, the body’s response to Belladonna can be unpredictable, and by using teething products that contain this ingredient, parents are putting their children at an unnecessary risk.

There are a number of other available options on the market, and the FDA is encouraging parents to seek out alternatives rather than unwittingly cause harm to their infants.

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