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Best garage shelving units and where to find them

From the basic to the innovative, there are a wide variety of shelving units available for your garage and numerous paces in which to find them. Online it seems, is the preferred option for those who can’t stand traipsing around DIY centres of a weekend. There are now a huge range of designs, with a seemingly endless variety of shelving units to choose from. From big names to smaller family owned businesses, put your feet up, have a cup of tea, and choose the right garage storage for you.

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Classic 5 shelf unit.

This sturdy unit is available from a variety of sources. Typically standing at 70 or so inches high, 36 inches wide and 14 inches deep, this is the unit found in most garages, both home and professional. Metal variants can hold a total of up to 1750 pounds, distributed over the 5 shelves. No tools are usually required to build them and the spacing between shelves can be customised.

Floating wall shelving.

Floating shelves attach directly to the wall with no frame and commonly hold up to 200 pounds each. Steel versions sometimes come in packs of two, which amounts to 9 square feet of storage space. This clever design means that the placement of the shelves is entirely up to you, only dictated by your needs and your garage space.

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Workbench and shelves.

Another popular choice with garage owners is a 2 in 1 workbench and shelf system. You build it to the size you want, up to 8 feet by 4 feet. You choose and provide the wood for the unit, to fit your space. You only need the wood, a saw and an electric screwdriver. It’s easy too. The design only needs you to cut straight lines and 90 degree right angles. For more innovative and customisable unit head look at  for even more inspiration.

Overhead shelving.

Safety in the home is paramount. With this in mind, you could attach your shelving to the ceiling, keeping tools, chemicals, and heavy objects away from little hands.

Plastic garage shelving

A major advantage here is that it won’t peel, rust or corrode. If your garage is damp, the ventilated shelves won’t suffer from mildew. You can even keep plastic shelves outside!

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