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Black soap with activated charcoal

Today black soap is gaining popularity. Who has not seen such an original soap?

Traditionally, this soap is considered male, because women prefer bright saturated colors and complex shapes, but, as elsewhere, there are exceptions. Let’s say that from such a black soap, I think, very few women will refuse.

To date, a large number of people want to buy such a soap, because it is unusual and very stylish looks in the soap box. But some people have fears: will not black soap be harmful to the skin, and whether it will dye the skin and surrounding objects? Let’s figure it out. Unusual color of this soap is achieved by adding to its composition a coloring agent (for example, pearl, pigment, black clay, coal). In the handmade soap, the same pigments and mother-of-pearl are used as colorants, which is also contained in decorative cosmetics. Thus, black soap its properties are no different from red, blue or yellow. Naturally mother of pearl in this soap is present only for the sake of design, it does not attach any useful properties to it. Unlike black clay, which in the composition of soap gives it a rich color, beautiful texture and useful properties.

In fact, clay is a natural mineral non-migrating colorant. Due to its properties, black clay perfectly fits into the anti-cellulite soap (it activates the detoxification processes, gives soap the effect of scrub). Moreover, soap with black clay – an excellent tool for caring for oily skin (slightly dries).

Dilute 1-3 teaspoons of black cosmetic clay in a small amount of base oil until the mushy condition, then add to the soap mass.

What else can you add to color soap black and give it useful properties? Of course, wood or activated charcoal. Coal, as well as clay, is a non-migrating colorant. Soap with charcoal has the properties of soft pilling, perfectly cleanses, improves blood circulation, smooths the skin tone, and slightly dehydrates the skin (recommended for oily skin).

In order to prepare such a soap, take a piece of charcoal or activated charcoal from the pharmacy, put it in a bag and beat it with a mallet to beat the meat (you can crush the coal in a mortar or coffee grinder). The resulting coal dust gently poured into glycerin (0.5 teaspoon of coal dust per 100 grams of transparent base), mix, and the coloring pigment is ready for use.

To date, the interior has gained popularity the style of “minimalism”, in which the baths are made out. And for this style is characterized by minimal design and restrained colors. Thus, the decorative colored bright soap will look ridiculous in such an interior. In this case, the black image soap will come to the rescue, which looks very stylish, especially if it is framed by a designer soap dish. The advantage of this soap in front of the soap of pastel tones is also that it is perfectly visible under water and, accidentally dropping a piece into the bath, you can easily find it.

Black handmade soap with eucalyptus – what is not a gift for a loved one for a holiday? After all, the essential oil of eucalyptus perfectly relaxes and refreshes, so it is pleasant to wash it after a gym or pool.

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