Boil In The Groin: Causes And Treatment

Boil In The Groin: Causes And Treatment

Under the furuncle understand the inflammation that occurs in the hair follicle. The reason for this is staphylococcus, penetrating into the hair bag. Gradually, it fills with pus, and the inflammatory process spreads to nearby tissues and other hair follicles. Therefore, although externally the furuncle (especially at the initial stage) is similar to ordinary acne, as it develops, the situation changes fundamentally. It is literally enough 12 hours to start causing painful sensations at rest and especially when moving, affecting the affected area of the skin. In the case of a boil in the groin, this means pain in almost any movement.

Boil In The Groin: Causes And Treatment

How to treat a boil in the groin?

In the people, such a phenomenon is also called “boil”. It is impossible to ignore its appearance not only because it causes discomfort – a running boil without timely treatment can begin to develop inside and even lead to blood infection.

The main stages of development of an abscess

In order to properly treat the boil in the groin area, it is necessary to make sure that we are talking about it. Usually, the process of “ripening” boil occurs according to the following algorithm:

  1. The affected area of the skin only slightly turns red, while in his area there are uncomfortable, painful sensations.
  2. The pain becomes stronger, a tingling and itching sensation may be added to it. The structure of the affected area is changing: now a seal appears under the reddened area of the skin that can be felt.
  3. Pain increases. The compaction increases in size, accumulated pus starts to be seen in it. This stage may be accompanied by general malaise and fever.
  4. The boil breaks (usually it is quite painful) with the release of pus, blood, and stem. After this, a trace remains in the form of a “fossa” on the surface of the skin with raised edges, but if the treatment was performed correctly, then this trace gradually heals. Painful sensations also fade away.

Boil In The Groin: Causes And Treatment

What to do when a boil appears?

To treat such a problem at home without consulting a doctor is undesirable. It is better to still go to the doctor and get individual recommendations, which are likely to include the following components:

  • The use of “pulling” ointments. These are agents that accelerate the metabolic processes in the dermis and contribute to the maturation and opening of the boil in the groin. An ointment can be used for such treatment.

Boil In The Groin: Causes And Treatment

  • Application of antibiotics for external use. We are talking about all sorts of ointments that can provide antibacterial treatment of the affected area, get rid of pathogenic microflora and reduce the inflammatory process to nothing. This may be tetracycline ointment, Mupirocin, Baneotsin, Levomekol, and other drugs.
  • Antibiotic treatment for internal use. Typically, this method is resorted to if the patient has a complicated version of the boil in the groin. Depending on the anamnestic data, the doctor may prescribe Erythromycin, Cefalexin, Lincomycin, Amoxiclav and other variants of antibiotics in tablets.

Boil In The Groin: Causes And Treatment

  • Use of healing ointments. It is prescribed after opening the boil and antibacterial treatment of the affected area. Such ointments allow for faster regeneration of damaged skin.

When using all external means to get rid of the boil in the groin at home, you must comply with the requirements of hygiene and cleanliness. In other words, before using them, hands should be thoroughly washed, the treated area of skin should be disinfected (for example, with chlorhexidine solution), and after applying the preparation, it should be closed with a bandage or plaster. And in no case should you open the furuncle yourself – this should happen by itself, under the dressing, after which it, again, should be treated with disinfectants.

Why can a boil appear in the groin?

As already noted, the most common cause of this problem is staphylococcus. Therefore, in the event that you regularly form boils in the groin, it makes sense to check for infection with this infection (and undergo appropriate treatment). In addition, the cause of chiria in the groin area can be:

  • Inaccurate shaving. If wounds from inaccurate razor movements form in the groin area, they will become “easy prey” for any pathogenic bacteria. In women, this reason is observed especially often, and skin lesions can be formed even with insufficient use of alternative methods for removing unwanted hair.

Boil In The Groin: Causes And Treatment

  • Improper underwear. Underwear should not be squeezed, rubbed, be too tight or made from 100% synthetic fabrics. Indeed, in all these cases, the skin can be injured, which, again, will be the cause of the attack by pathogens.
  • Poor hygiene or excessive sweating. In both cases, the cause of the boil in the groin becomes a blockage of the sebaceous glands.
  • Improper diet and reduced immunity. In the presence of such problems, the body is weakened, it lacks the strength or nutrients to protect, and any, and even the smallest wound can be the site of the spread of pathogenic bacteria. The cause of reduced immunity, among other things, maybe hypothermia.

Boil In The Groin: Causes And Treatment

Therefore, in order not to encounter the need to treat a boil in the groin, it is advisable to take care of your health, eat normally, get enough sleep, regularly perform hygienic procedures, wear suitable underwear and take care when shaving. And this is useful not only from the point of view of preventing the formation of boils: removing harmful foods from the diet, preventing hypothermia, and observing the daily routine and hygiene rules are always important for the general health of the body as a whole.

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