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How to succeed in buying a car during the Christmas and New Year holidays

Buying a car – It is on holidays when people have free time to visit the auto dealers. That is why automakers have conditioned the public to wait for their best offers during days like ‘Memorial Day’, ‘President’s Day’ and ‘Independence Day’. Christmas and New Year holidays are no exception.

During the period of the end of the year we are devastated by an avalanche of television commercials and advertisements that try to convince us that there is no better time than the month of December to buy a car. The reason for this hectic push at the end of the year is that the builders need to get rid of the lagging inventory of the models of the year that ends in order to open space in the dealers for the brand new models of the following year.

However, there is more than one method for making an automotive offer. Know which ones are so that you get as much information as possible to the dealer.

Discounts and general reimbursements

succeed in buying a car

Whether in the form of a discount on the sale price or in the form of rebates, manufacturers raise their level of generosity with enthusiasm at the end of the year. Generalized discount programs such as Ford’s End of the Year Event , Chevy Employee Discounts for All of Chevrolet and Toyota of Toyota, are the order of the day.

These events are usually focused on the year-end models, although there are models of the following year that can be benefited either by being low-sales models such as the Ford Taurus, the Chevrolet Impala or the Toyota Avalon or by a specific need of the manufacturer. In the case of luxury cars these incentives are particularly generous.

In any case, the plans for discounts and reimbursements are for the entire public , the only thing you have to decide is whether any of the vehicles for which they apply the best offers in which it really suits you .

Discounts and private refunds

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These are less generous discount programs, but more permanent, and that added to the previous ones can make an important difference . These are programs designed to benefit specific groups of people such as; university students, active members of the armed forces or in retirement situations and even members of the third age. Check with your dealer, one of them could apply for your particular case.

Financing offers

The cheap, or even free financing , can make a significant difference in the outlook of a car loan debt. However, this is an incentive that does not apply to all buyers, especially when it comes to the mythical 0% interest rate.

Only those buyers with an exemplary or perfect credit rating, between 710 and 720 points will be able to access this incentive. There are cases in which people with a credit rating lower than 710 points qualify for the 0% rate, but they must have an impeccable record of auto loan payments .

Incentives for renewal of ‘lease’ .

If you currently own a car under a lease or lease agreement, it is likely that you have already received more than one offer to terminate your agreement early and sign a new one , under very favorable conditions, which generally include a cash discount offer , and that in no case will the conditions of your current contract deteriorate.

This is a strategy to perpetuate the permanence of customers under contract, but in many cases it also aims to acquire cars in high demand and in relatively good condition for the part of used cars of your dealer. This is why you have to be aware that your car is a good in demand , which will allow you to negotiate even better conditions for your contract.

In the month of December the discounts for the early termination and signing of new contracts of ‘lease’ can be duplicated , so if you decide to go for this option, which clearly does not apply for those who do not have a current lease contract, keep in mind that you are in a position that will allow you to negotiate very favorable terms.

Factors to consider

buying a car during the Christmas

The week between Christmas and New Year all the incentives for the acquisition of automobiles improve notoriously , although for that moment the inventories of ‘cold’ models of the previous year may have diminished notoriously.

As we have recommended in other occasions, investigate your options so that you can decide which mode of acquisition of your next vehicle is the best for you.

Top 10 tips to take care of your buying a car

If you had the fortune of acquiring or receiving buying a car as a gift on these Christmas dates, it is necessary to take into account some recommendations to keep your investment as new for as long as possible.

Years ago when you purchased a new buying a car you had to wait for a specific mileage to get the car on the road, you could not exceed a certain level of speed for a while, however the cars now come pre-rolled in workbenches to reduce stress of the newly assembled components, however it is still prudent to follow the following indications:

  • Keep below the red line of the tachometer, avoiding at all costs to exceed 3 thousand revolutions per minute.
  • In standard cars the revolutions should always be maintained above 1000 rpm while driving.
  • Never take the speedometer needle beyond los of your total limit, better question in the agency what is the real speed limit and based on that accelerates with caution.
  • Keep an eye on the temperature indicator, it is not so long that sometimes the cooling system fails during the first months after the purchase of a new vehicle.
  • Avoid using the air conditioning in the first 500 kilometers of life of the car, as this reduces power to the engine and forces the driver to accelerate more than necessary, demanding too much effort to the power train.
  • Brake gently, the brakes are usually rigid and produce heat that causes the shoes to deform, take into account this indication at least during the first 250 kilometers of life of your car, of course, unless it is necessary to tread thoroughly to avoid a accident.
  • Do not overload your vehicle, because the more weight it carries, the more effort the engine makes; If you do not have another, try not to travel very long distances with the vehicle overloaded.
  • The puddles are your deadly enemies, avoid crossing them at high speeds and under any circumstances intentionally “skidding”, since the new tires have a layer of varnish that reduces grip on the wheel, which makes them more unstable in humid conditions. the vehicles during the first 500 kilometers of life.
  • Go on the road alone and as long as you carry out the care that we indicated in the previous tips, try to “run the car” on safe roads, traveling short distances during the first months you have your new car and your car will last a long time plus.

Ways to decorate buying a car at Christmas

How to succeed in buying a car

Since a long time ago, we are used to seeing different types of trims for cars and houses. Which, over the years have been evolving. Nowadays, we not only find modern decorations. But also, we can see unusual ornaments, which are perfect for our car. Also, with a little creativity, you could also create some decorative crafts for your car and customize it to your liking. So, if you are interested in being the center of attention this Christmas and give a new image to your car, you are in the right place, take note.

You will find a series of photographs that you can use as a guide for your future car decoration Additionally, we will also give you some simple, but effective tips that will help you to make your car look very striking and original this Christmas. First, we will start talking about decoration based on led lights. We tell you that, this type of lighting, is widely used throughout the world, it is ideal to decorate any place. In addition, it does not usually cost too much, nor does it absorb a lot of electrical energy.

We can use decorative led lights to decorate our car at Christmas .

Of course, for this we need to buy auto lights and know a little electricity, it is necessary to place the cables to the battery of the car. Also, you can take it to a workshop, where they will make a cleaner installation.

Finally, after the purchase of the home, buying a car is the largest financial transaction that most people will make in their lives, one that they will certainly have to do more than once. Its success will depend on a large number of factors, many of them are totally foreign to the buyer but others, crucial for obtaining a good result, can be controlled by a well informed consumer. It is essential to establish realistic expectations and to focus effort on models that are convenient and affordable. Convenience is, of course, a subjective variable; a car that suits one person may turn out to be an absolute disaster for another, but affordability is a variable that only depends on the financial possibilities of the buyer.

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