Crafts with cardboard

Cardboard Crafts: Crafts with cardboard

Working with cardboard is very easy, you only need scissors, zeal, and glue to learn how to make these five crafts very easy. We share some best crafts with cardboard.

Cardboard, having the same properties as paper but being much harder, can allow endless possibilities for many ideas in the home that can make your day to day much easier. From cereal cartons, milk cartons, moving packages or appliance wrappings, the cardboard and the thickness of its layers can end up in reusable products with which, in addition, you can shoot your imagination.

Shoemakers based on Crafts with cardboard boxesCrafts with cardboard

Useful to place in the hall if you want your visitors to lose their shoes when they get home, or for your room and store your shoes, you can make an original shoe rack with cardboard boxes without spending money. You will only need this material next to good scissors, glue or adhesive tape and acrylic paint if you want to cover the original brown of the cardboard. If not, you can use decoration paper.

First, you should divide the cardboard box into many sheets of equal size. Then, you must fold each sheet until you form triangular tubes. Next, you must stick or tape the ends of the sheet so that they do not come loose. If you want to incorporate paint or decorating paper into these tubes, it is advisable that you do it before rolling them up to make it much easier. When you have all the tubes, you can finally join them with adhesive tape or glue. If you are going to make shoemakers of several shelves. It is advisable that the rows below are larger than the ones above to guarantee their stability.

Towel racks made of Crafts with cardboard boxes

An original and quite simple idea is the elaboration of towel racks based on cardboard boxes. An element of utility for our bathrooms. You will only need a ruler, pencil, scissors, glue and some cloth to cover it. First, calculate the size of the towel rail with the ruler and mark the space you want to delimit with the pencil. Try to use boxes in which the lower base of the towel rail is already joined to the vertical edges.

Trim excess material that you do not want to use as a towel rack and join all sides with adhesive tape or strong glue. Once it’s dry, it’s time to line the cardboard with fabrics. It is recommended, in this case, to use adhesive tape that adheres on both sides of the adhesive because some glues can leave marks. When it is finished, you can sew a handle on the ends of the towel rack.

Cardboard swords- Crafts with cardboardCrafts with cardboard

Fun for children and low cost for parents, it is also a creative idea as a craft. First, you must have a large sheet of cardboard with which to make the design of the edge of the sword, both straight and curved. Once you have drawn the edge. You will also have to do the same with the handle of the ‘weapon’, try to make it big enough to be held by hand.

After that, cut out the first sketch of the sword, and you must first trace the same sketch to another cardboard sheet to create an identical model. Once this is done, glue both parts with an adhesive. After that, you can choose to decorate the sword with felt paper and paint. However, to make it more resistant to shock, you must mix white glue. And water in equal parts and impregnate the entire newspaper paper weapon, to which you must add this mixture. Then, make a second layer with toilet paper or kitchen and then let it dry. Try not to leave part of the discovered.

If you want to add some relief to the edge of the weapon. Make very thin tubes of paper to be placed in the middle of the sheet, although it is optional. When it has dried, it is the turn to paint, if possible, with tempera or acrylics. Use a metallic gray tone for the edge and the color you want for the handle. Once the paint has dried, the gun will be ready to be used.  It is one of the best crafts with cardboard.

Filing cabinets with cardboardCrafts with cardboard

To store papers and make a little order on the desk in your room, filing cabinets are a good option. You will need several sheets of cardboard that you must later join. First, you must design the sides of the file cabinet, usually a rectangle with one of the sides decreasing. When you have a side, apply it to another sheet to obtain its other identical part.  It is one of the best crafts with cardboard.

To make the rear and bottom parts, keep in mind that the rear will have the height of the maximum height of the sides. So that they match, and the front will be just as high as the height of the smaller side. When you have all four sides, encájalos with adhesives. You can also make separators with sheets that have the same measures of the width of the separator. When you have finished, you can decorate it with paper or paintings, although it is also recommended that this process has been done before the first step.

Cardboard chandeliersCrafts with cardboard

Original for the decoration, although questionable, yes, to be carried by the house. You can build chandeliers that will make an ecological touch to your home. First, you must draw on a rectangular cardboard sheet a base that ends in a triangle above. And that with a rectangular hole of medium size inside the cardboard to illuminate the candle. It is one of the best crafts with cardboard.

When you finish that design, try to fold the top part where the triangle joins from the vertex. Repeat this model until you have four sides and paste all of them. Note that, in addition, you must join the folds of the four triangles to form a pyramid in the upper part. It is recommended, in this case, that you put tabs on the edges of each side. So that they stick better.r. Before gluing the last side and closing the box, place a thin translucent cloth. So that the candle makes an indirect light. Once the fabrics and sides have been glued, you can decorate the chandelier with paintings. Especially dark tones to make a contrast with the white fabrics. Do not hit any base below, since the candlestick will be placed on top of the candle once it is already lit.

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