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    Have you Heard of Christiaan Huygens?

    Christiaan Huygens is not a name that many people know. When it comes to naming famous scientists and inventors it is not one that is regularly featured. But he is in fact the inventor of some of the most useful and important things that we still use in the modern world. Image Credit He was born and raised in the Netherlands and as a child he was tutored at home and was clearly very good at mathematics. He went on to university to study mathematics as well as law. He published many mathematical papers before he decided to work on lens grinding – making lenses for telescopes. He went to…

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    PwC prepares to keep thousands of workers at home

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of the 22,000 PricewaterhouseCoopers UK staff were originally asked to work from home in line with the UK Government’s response to the virus, whereby only essential workers and healthcare professionals should work as normal. This initial response to the virus has now passed ,and the UK Government is urging all workers to return to work provided the company can ensure that workers can meet the social distancing requirements. However, it now appears that thousands of PWC workers will never return to their offices on a full-time basis. Image Credit PwC – the company and staff PricewaterhouseCoopers is a multinational company with 20 offices…

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    Ronald Reagan Net Worth, Lifestyle and Career

    In Hollywood in the middle of the 20th century, no one imagined that Ronald Reagan (1911-2004), an actor of unremarkable talent, would become the 40th president of the United States and a champion of anti-communism. Of great personal appeal, he flowed from Democratic ideas to militant republicanism. Reagan was one of the most popular presidents in the country, thanks to his sympathy and his ability to connect with people. This biography and net worth of Ronald Reagan collect his most transcendental facts.

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    Alternative Uses for Your Garage

    We all know that a garage is intended for parking cars – but not everyone wants to use it for that! So what can you do to make your garage work for you? Here are a few ideas… Image Credit Storage Area – A lot of people do store junk in their garage but why not create an organised storage area. Things that you don’t use daily, but you need to store – Christmas decorations, car cleaning equipment such as a jet washer – you could put up shelves to create more organisation and to make it easier to access everything. Remember, whatever you store in your garage, you need…

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    Reasons to Visit County Donegal

    If you are a traveller that likes to see the great outdoors, then County Donegal is a destination that you should consider. In fact, this is the largest county in Ireland and is located in the North West region of the country. Although this place is known for many things, one of the most important things that you will find when you travel here is the countryside. The countryside in this area has a natural beauty that is hard to beat. Image credit Whilst in the west of Ireland, be sure to take in Galway Bay and the Aran Islands, where you can pick up genuine Aran Sweaters. Consider Aran…

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    Is it to early to think about Christmas and your pets

    Christmas is a wonderful time of year when we get to eat all manner of goodies and hopefully receive some great presents. When it comes to pampering your dog during Christmas, there are many human things they should not eat (or drink) that is why it might be a good idea to invest in some doggy festive treat for them too! Think safety when buying Christmas presents You also need to ensure that there are no presents wrapped up for your dog in Christmas paper under the tree. It may seem like a good idea to have some canine gifts wrapped under the tree, but the fact is that the…

  • joyner lucas net worth
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    Joyner Lucas Net Worth, Biography and Career

    He started his career under the pseudonym G-Storm and then Future Joyner. He formed the musical group “Film Skool Rejects”, with which he released the mixtape, Workprint: The Greatest Mixtape of All Time. His first solo mixtape appeared in 2011 under the pseudonym Future Joyner and was titled Listen 2 Me. Soon after, he changed his name to Joyner Lucas.

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    Are you suffering from care guilt?

    Feeling guilty is the main emotion that each family is going through at various times while exploring care options for a loved one. The responsibility of caring for others comes with a large amount of stress in terms of making decisions and considering factors in relation to finance and health. In reality, care decisions are often tricky and not clear cut. It is impossible to make the right decision in every situation. It is totally natural to make mistakes, as long as we try our hardest with the available resources that we have at the time. Image credit The most controversial decisions that have the power to result in feelings…

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    How to Find a Good Dog Breeder

    So, you have finally decided to take the plunge and add a canine companion to your household. Congratulations – many years of companionship and fun await you. But when it comes to searching for a good breeder how do you go about it? We hear so much of puppy farms and bad breeding practice, so how do you make sure that the puppy you add to your home has had the very best start in life? Image Credit The Kennel Club is your best place to start – They have a list of breeders that have had to meet the Kennel Club’s requirements you will still have to do your…