• seo errors

    8 most common SEO errors on the internet

    SEO is more fashionable than ever. However, it is not strange that some SEO errors are made, perhaps due to ignorance. So much has increased its popularity in recent years that do not stop appearing post, ebook, and online courses to learn this discipline of online marketing. However, SEO is not as easy or as simple as many web pages or blogs. SEO is not just about putting emojis in meta titles, putting keywords in the text or making your website load fast. SEO is much more technical and complicated than all that. Fruit of this inexperience in SEO there are a series of failures that I have detected among…

  • Link Building

    Link Building: Two Categories, One Goal

    There are a lot of theories out there about the best way to link build. The bulk of which can be broken down into two basic categories. Whether your experience leans more to one side than the other, there is a success to be had in both approaches, especially when utilized in coordination with each other. CONTENT STRATEGY The way I see it content has five key purposes: Inform Instruct Entertain Convert Build Links To determine your content strategy, key factors to keep in mind include voice, brand, and audience. It can be easy as an SEO to put your blinders on and forget that content is used for reasons other than link…

  • Business,  SEO

    Online Business Importance & Search Engines Significance

    In the present business world, all the business types are converted into online which is more useful and essential in the present day life. Because of the increased rate of internet usage by all the people, the business people decided to introduce online in all their business types and levels. Online business is one of the most beneficial steps introduced by the company in order to gain more profit. Basically, customers are the major reason behind every company’s success. At present, all the companies are looking for more clients and customers which are more essential for their success. As the internet usage amongst the people insist the companies introduce online…