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    First time skiing without lessons for beginners

    When winter comes, I can only think of one thing: go skiing. It is an activity that I love since I was little and that makes me feel free and in contact with nature. Have you ever enjoyed first time skiing without lessons? If so, you will understand what I feel. If not, learning to ski is something that I recommend because I know you will like it as much as I do. And what better excuse than a vacation in the snow?

  • golf swing tips for beginners

    Basic golf swing tips for beginners

    You will know that swing is the movement we make to hit the ball when making the stroke. If you are starting to play golf, you will have wondered more than once how to make a good swing. Although practice on the ground is fundamental, we will explain some golf swing tips for beginners.

  • women in the gym

    Fitness routine for beginner women in the gym

    Starting in the gym and becoming a fitness is a task that involves dedication. In this article, we show you a fitness routine for beginner women in the gym who want to change their lifestyle. Keep reading! The fitness helps us stay in shape, which is good nutrition, exercise and everyday details to keep the body wellness. It’s about getting along in your environment in the healthiest way possible. However, women have an organism different from men, so their training should be different. A woman requires a routine designed to burn fat and acquire strength at strategic points.

  • mi band 3 review
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    Discover the Mi band 3 specs with unique design

    After being a user for years of the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S, I decided to jump into the new physical activity bracelet of Xiaomi, specifically the recently released Xiaomi Mi Band 3. That is why after using it intensively for several days. It is time to bring the full analysis and video review of the mi band 3 specs. A video review in which as always I always do in-depth and leave my tips to buy a smartwatch more sincere both for good. This new Gadget of Xiaomi can offer us and on everything bad that we can find.

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    Why coaches should make time for video analysis

    Have you considered, as a coach, what you’re trying to achieve when you show players a video of a match or something that happened within a match? What are you hoping to achieve? Do you want to lead a true discussion with players and listen to their individual perspectives or are you trying to lead them to a solution you already have in mind? You might not even realise you are guiding players to a solution you’ve already determined. Many studies have been completed about the effect of video analysis on the learning of players. The purpose is to illustrate that when a group of people watch the same footage,…