How To Choose Chairs And Armchairs In The Modern Living Room
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How To Choose Chairs And Armchairs In The Modern Living Room

In the living room, armchairs and chairs should be present in sufficient quantity to ensure the convenience of all guests during the visit, but not to overload the room when the owners of the house are alone. The question of choosing these two items is as important as the selection of other furniture in the modern living room, table, coffee table, dresser or slide. The chair is the most common element of furniture, in various quantities found in almost any home.

Chairs appeared in ancient Egypt, through Greece and Rome spread across the European continent. Originally the chair was a massive throne decorated with carvings and gilding and was used only by the richest. The chairs were made of wooden slats and rods, until the use of boiled water or steam and a softened blank of beech wood for the manufacture of lightweight and durable Viennese chairs.

How To Choose Chairs And Armchairs In The modern Living Room

Selection of chairs for the living room

The process of selecting chairs for your living room consists of evaluating their appearance, which is individual for each person, checking whether the design of chairs and other furniture in the room is combined and evaluating a number of practical factors:

  • Material;
  • Type of seat;
  • Constructions;
  • Transformation capabilities.

For the production used almost all materials available furniture industry. It should be borne in mind that cheap and bright plastic will make the living room look cheap, so such savings should be avoided. Durable and massive metal is good as an element of construction, but if it is the main material, then such chairs look bulky and cold, which does not add comfort in the room.

How To Choose Chairs And Armchairs In The modern Living Room

Selection of chairs in the living room

There is a technology for making chairs from parts cut from thick plywood. This design is varnished and is a compromise between durability, weight, and cost. Sooner or later, plywood begins to flake.

A good material is a rattan – an Indonesian vine from which weave chairs are beautiful, light and durable. Rattan chairs look very original, but in the modern living room are not always appropriate, wicker furniture is good only within the framework of the colonial style. Wooden chairs are the highest quality and beautiful, like any other wardrobe rooms made of natural wood. This material is durable, beautiful in appearance and pleasant to the touch.

The seat of the chair can be hard, without flooring – not very comfortable, but easier to clean. Semi-soft seats are a layer of fabric or other material in a couple of centimeters covering a rigid base. The most expensive and comfortable option – soft seats from the spring unit, covered with flooring and covered with cloth. In soft seats, one drawback – they are gradually being pressed and they need to be repaired.

Solid chairs, which constitute a single structure, are the most durable and reliable. But for the conditions of our apartments, collapsible or folding chairs can be a more practical option. They are easy to put in the closet or in the closet when they are not needed, as they take up very little space when folded.

How To Choose Chairs And Armchairs In The modern Living Room

A classic chair has a straight shape, high back, combined with the rear legs. The seat and back can be hard or soft. The Viennese chair is recognized by the rounded delicate forms of curved parts. This chair is only with a hard seat and as a rule with an openwork back. In addition to the traditional design, produce chairs with armrests.

Choosing a chair in the modern living room

Two or three soft and comfortable chairs, a symbol of relaxation and tranquility in your living room. The classic chair is a solid frame (in quality models – wooden), upholstered in beautiful and practical fabric. Softness provides either springs or a thick layer of special material that can last for a long time and not be forced through.

Important criteria for choosing a chair is its size. Of course, it is necessary that the color and pattern of the upholstery, the overall model of the chair combined with the interior of the living room of solid wood and other furniture. But chairs in most cases are massive, and it is very important to find such an option that will ensure you and your guests are comfortable, but will not overload the living room.

Considering that guests can come from afar, you should think about the option of a folding chair-bed, which will allow you to receive guests with dignity during the day and provide them with a bed for the night. In the case of folding models, preferably a metal frame. Carefully check the reliability, smoothness and noiseless operation of the transformation mechanism. There are frameless chairs, it’s just a big bag-case, with filler, but in style, these chairs rarely fit into the modern living room.

The chair is large furniture that will always be located in your home and environmental safety is very important. We recommend a frame made of natural wood because it is safe for health. Also high quality of filler is important: a synthetic winterizer or more preferable polyurethane foam. This material is safe for health and keeps its shape and elasticity for a very long time.

How To Choose Chairs And Armchairs In The modern Living Room

Choosing a beautiful armchair in the living room

We recommend the use of durable upholstery that is easy to clean for both soft chairs and chairs. For example, microfiber, jacquard, flock, tapestries. When planning furniture in the living room, a variety of designs can cause doubt, a chair in front of you or a soft chair with armrests. The easiest way to focus on the height of the seat. If it is intended for a seat at the dinner table – undoubtedly a chair, if in order to fall apart in front of a low coffee table, then surely this is a chair.

So, trust your taste, but do not forget about the technical parameters of furniture from the array and the general rules of ergonomics. Properly selected chairs and armchairs create comfort in the modern living room but leave the room spacious.

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