How To Choose The Best Type Of Oral Contraceptives?
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How To Choose The Best Type Of Oral Contraceptives?

Contraception is the right and, in some way, the duty of every woman who is responsible for her life, family, and future. The birth of children should be planned, desired, it should be a holiday and the greatest happiness in the world, and not an incident that happened by chance. You need to prepare for it both morally and financially. And if at the moment you are not ready to replenish in the family, then you should pay attention to oral contraceptives.

How To Choose The Best Type Of Oral Contraceptives?

The main types of oral contraceptives

To talk about which pills are the best, you should first familiarize yourself with all their types. To begin with, all popular oral contraceptives are hormonal. Their first generation, released in the XX-th century, it was difficult to call effective and safe. These contraceptives contained a “loading dose” of hormones and represented some danger to the female body. Fortunately, medical technologies are not standing still, and now oral contraceptives of the hormonal type are deservedly considered to be among the best. They rarely cause side effects and, at the same time, demonstrate a high level of effectiveness (over 99% of the probability of success in combating an unwanted pregnancy).

What types of birth control pills are the ingredients in the composition?

According to the composition, oral contraceptives are divided into two large groups. On which ones – this small list will tell you:

  • Combined, also known as “COC”. They contain two types of hormones, that is, both gestagens and estrogens. Estrogens inhibit the process of ovulation, and gestagens promote the production of special mucus on the surface of the uterus, which hampers the movement of spermatozoa. The only disadvantage of COCs is the fact that estrogens also cause an increase in blood clotting. Accordingly, their regular use to some extent increases the likelihood of thrombosis.
  • Single-component, or “mini-drank.” In their composition, as a rule, there is no estrogen, so the key disadvantage of combined oral contraceptives for them is missing. At the same time, this leads to somewhat lower contraceptive efficacy, although many new-generation drugs are still quite reliable.

How To Choose The Best Type Of Oral Contraceptives?

Types of birth control pills by dosage

What kinds of the latest generation of oral contraceptives in terms of dosage does the modern market offer? In terms of dosage, they are divided into three groups, which will be listed below. It should be noted that we are talking only about KOC (mini-saws are not divided into similar types):

  • Low dose. They include artificially synthesized hormone ethinyl estradiol, as well as a number of other hormones (for example, gestodene, dienogest, desogestrel). Among the best drugs of this type include: “Marvelon”, “Midiana”, “Regulon”, “Femoden”, “Janine”, “Yarina” and others. These oral contraceptives not only have a contraceptive effect but also struggle with hair loss, acne, unwanted hair growth and the like.
  • Medium dose. Typically, they include Ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel. These are “Three-Regol”, “Demulen”, “Chloe”, “Diane 35”. In their action, they are similar to low-dose pills, but they are recommended to be used by representatives of the fair sex at the age of more than 30 years who have already given birth to at least one child. However, the use of such oral contraceptives during lactation is prohibited.
  • Highly dosed. They contain levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol in higher dosages. These include Ovidon, Trikvilar, Non-Ovlon, Milvane. If you are interested in which oral contraceptives are better to use in adulthood, for women who are not helped by low-dose drugs and who have hormonal diseases (or the risk of their development), then the answer will be such pills.

How To Choose The Best Type Of Oral Contraceptives?

What types of birth control pills are distinguished by the number of action phases?

Standard packaging of combined oral contraceptives is made per reception for 28 days, that is, from the end of some critical days to the start of others. At the same time, tablets in such packaging may have different concentrations of hormones, depending on how many days from the start of the new menstrual cycle they are supposed to be taken. By this criterion, they are divided into the following groups:

  • Single phase. They are the same for all 28 days and, as a rule, differ in the most democratic cost. The names of the most popular single-phase tablets are “Lindinet”, “Regulon”, “Janine”, “Logest”.
  • Two-phase. They change the dose of progesterone once. Modern biphasic preparations are Femoston, Sequilar, Binovum.

How To Choose The Best Type Of Oral Contraceptives?

  • Three phases. As you can guess, they suggest two changes in dosages, and in them, the content of estrogen varies. They are the most effective, physiological and, as a rule, the most expensive. Among them are the “Three Mersey”, “Triziston”, “Triquilar”.

How To Choose The Best Type Of Oral Contraceptives?

  • Recently there has been a tendency to produce four-phase oral contraceptives, in which the concentration of hormones changes three times.

How To Choose The Best Type Of Oral Contraceptives?

How to choose suitable oral contraceptives?

It is worth noting that, ideally, the selection of birth control pills should be performed by a gynecologist. No rating, no reviews will replace the medical examination and selection of the best suited for you drugs. Therefore, all the information below is advisory and informational.

For example, based on age, you can give the following tips on how to choose oral contraceptives:

  • Until adulthood and in the first years after it, it is better to prefer low-dose combination pills, and only if the girl has a regular sex life.
  • In the period from 20 to 30 years, low-dose and medium-dose multi-phase COCs can be used.
  • After 30-35 years, when the natural level of hormones responsible for the reproduction of the genus, inevitably decreases, it can be limited to micro-dosed COCs or mini-drank.
  • After 40 years, women are usually prescribed mini-pills or single-component combination contraceptives.

How To Choose The Best Type Of Oral Contraceptives?

It is possible to select the newest contraceptive drugs on the basis of constitutional features, conditionally grouped into three types:

  • The presence of a large amount of estrogen. It is usually found in low feminine women with sufficiently large breasts, abundant and prolonged menstruation. They are recommended to use high-dose COCs.
  • Prevalence of progesterone. It is demonstrated by tall women with small breasts, a somewhat masculine appearance, and short menstruation. They are suitable for low-dose and medium-dose COCI.
  • Intermediate type, which is located as if between the above. Such women are most often prescribed single-phase low-dose oral contraceptives or mini-drank.

In conclusion, we once again note that the selection of hormonal contraceptives is an important and extremely responsible task, and it is advisable to consult a doctor for help in solving it. Take care of your health and your future!

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