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Choosing your party theme idea

When it comes to thinking of a theme for a party it can be difficult to think of one that everyone will enjoy. Once you have the Mobile Bar Hire Stroud company sorted and the location you can spend some time thinking of your preferred theme.

Some of the most common themes include:

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Roman toga parties

The Romans really knew how to party and so it is no surprise that toga themed parties are popular. Having all of your guests turn up in white togas or dressed as a roman general whilst serving them some incredible finger foods and delightful cocktails. Be prepared that you will have a number of people dressing as Cleopatra and Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. It is a party theme that is sure to bring about lots of fun.

The Great Gatsby

Following on from the popularity of the film and book many people have turned to the story as inspiration for a party theme. Both men and women enjoy the delights of the 1920s fashion which sees women dress in some beautifully styled dresses paired with feathered headpieces. Men dress in some incredible suits along with their choice of hat from the fedora and the gambler through to panamas and boaters.

James Bond

If you are looking for an elegant party theme that will see the men invited dressed in tailored suits all suave and sophisticated and the women in floor length ball dresses then you can do no worse than go for a James Bond themed evening. With the ultimate dream of many men being to play the part of the womanising British Agent it is bound to be a night to remember.

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Masquerade Ball

For an element of intrigue as well as elegance and sophistication you could arrange a masquerade ball. These can take on a number of different guises with some parties having only the women wearing masks and in others all the guests wear coverings across the upper parts of their face. Masquerade events have been incredible popular for many years and in places such as Venice were a very regular occurrence.

Whatever your chosen theme you will be able to find clothing and decorations to fit and many caterers will be able to produce food and cakes that also fit in with the idea. Even your mobile bar company will have a number of drinks that will link to the event theme for example a martini for a James Bond theme and perhaps some lavish cocktails for a masquerade ball.

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