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Christmas food the Italian way

Now we are all back to work and the memories of Christmas lunch are becoming more and more distant it can be a time that people start to think about the way in which they may spend their Christmas time in the current year. Although there is a whole year to go there is never a time too early to look at different options to the traditional large Turkey meal.

If you are a fan of Italian cuisine, then you may want to look into the delicious foods that are served traditionally in Italy and why not see if you can try some of them at an Italian Restaurant Dublin way. As family is incredibly important in Italian culture, the Christmas period is a time of year that is greatly anticipated by many people across the country and is often a large affair and with this comes lots and lots of food.

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On Christmas Eve in the UK families tend to have their own traditions when it comes to food, although there is no national tradition in terms of the type of food that is served. For some families it is a chance to catch up with people who they aren’t going to be seeing on Christmas Day and this may include a buffet style meal or perhaps even a fish and chip supper. In Italy the food eaten on Christmas Eve is traditionally lighter than the food that is consumed during the rest of the festive period. This is partly to help with the rich food that will be served on Christmas day. It is known as the ‘Feast of the Seven Fishes’ and is made up of a variety of fish and seafood options with many tables having tuna, octopus, calamari, pasta with clam sauces and a classic dish called ‘baccala’ which is salted cod. The feast can contain a variety of other meat free options which include gnocchi, filled pasta and spaghetti. The food served will differ depending on the region of Italy that you are located in.

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Christmas lunch is more meat focused than that of the night before and is a great event that can last for a number of hours. The starter usually consists of a traditional antipasto board that often consists of a variety of cheeses, olives, anchovies and a selection of dry cured meats such as salamis. The next course is a pasta dish that will vary according to the country’s region. Following this is the main meal that will be a variety of cooked meats including chicken, beef, sausages and veal and these are served with some delicate vegetables. Dessert usually consists of a dish particularly loved by the family that is gathering together.

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