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If we want creative children, we propose an education that values ​​creativity skills

Creativity skills is a well-regarded and better valued quality, one of the reasons for this being its scarcity . Every day, in schools , the dynamics of learning are relegating this ability that we all treasure to some degree. How can we demand or recover what they take away from us when they are little?

This incoherence causes that, little by little. We lose our ability to reflect and to express an original opinion about what is happening. In this way, there is an amputation of the ego. We are no longer unique beings, but merely copies of each other. Some of those who dare to deviate from the road are also those who achieve success. But at what price? Paying, for example, with the rejection of their loved ones. Unable to understand how someone can complicate their lives in that way .

Today creativity skills is increasingly valued in jobs, but should not something change in the way of teaching so that this instead of being scarce was abundant?

Creativity skills: light in a world of gray people

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What about that child who loved to draw? And to that other who spoke by the elbows? As they grow up and become  adults,  these inclinations become inhibited or normalized. We are talking about totally different people. Reserved, methodical and very effective in their work, but … happy? The following short film will reflect much better what we are referring to with all this:

It is true that in schools they do well to maintain a degree of pragmatism and unification, to call it in some way. An education that also dictates common rules and limits that we all have to respect. However, this should be in balance with another part. The part in which we discover ourselves, develop what we like and pursue our dreams.

The protagonist of the short loves to draw. However, its disposition is censored. It is true that spelling is important, but it is not necessary to cut. Limit and Australasian what animates and makes a child happy . You can achieve balance, find what compensates that tedious activity as it is to copy and memorize. We could even look for a way to teach that was more in keeping with the interests of the child.

In schools, and the educational system in general, they would do well to find and sustain this balance. Classes that inculcate knowledge. But also allow children to create and express themselves, to find who they really are.  The education to which we are accustomed does not take into account the person. But the group. In this way, you learn that you have to abide by rules and behave in a certain way to be accepted, respected and loved.

Parents and teachers who guide

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Parents and teachers have a preponderant role when it comes to guiding children, far from imposing on them what they should be and what they should be . There is a well-known phrase by Einstein that says “You can not judge a fish because of its ability to climb a tree. If so, he would live his whole life believing he is useless. ” That happens with children, they think they are stupid for not being like others or for not following the path that adults (blind and deaf) reinforce, but … they are unique!

Currently, there are some schools that have emerged as pioneers with a different model of education, which favors creativity skills and which try to fight the boredom that traditional didactic inspires. However, they are still scarce and do not have the visibility they deserve. We speak, for example, of the Dakota school (Barcelona) and of the O Velour school (Monteverdi).

Parents and teachers who guide

But, you can still hear in the classrooms or on the part of the parents phrases of the style “that does not make sense”, “do not say you are barracudas”, “be realistic” , etc. The dreams of the children are disappearing, they no longer aspire to be astronauts. They just think about how to transform their future into money that allows them to survive and not a passion that allows them to live. Because that, according to their parents and teachers, is a more complete and realistic objective, when reality has not yet manifested and the past does not necessarily predict the future.

However, some people, despite this education, end up moving away from all that social acceptance and seek their dreams even if they have to pay the price of solitude. People like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates moved away from the boredom of the classes to do what they wanted, even with the enormous risk that entailed. The most curious thing is that nothing of that happened, but far from what anyone could think, they were able to think that you could work with a better technology than then existed.

The creativity skills is to trust the instinct, is to be authentic, is to risk, is to dare. Who does not dare turns gray, as in the short film we saw. People who move almost by inertia, which spends time without meaning. But, for this we live? In children is the key. Let’s not ask for what we snatched from small. Creativity skills must be promoted in schools, but also in homes . It is everyone’s job, because we are all responsible, as a society, for the future of the generations that follow us.

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