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Curtains for the living room: Curtain models for your living room

When selecting the decoration of the room, there is a wide range of elements to consider, such as the sofa, the coffee table and, of course, the curtains for the living room. Currently, there are many different models of curtains for the living room in the market, each of them designed for rooms of a certain size and with a given sunlight input.

To make the best decision about what is the best curtain for the living room, there is a large selection of factors to take into account: space, size of the windows, the orientation of the room … It is interesting to know the different types of curtains for rooms that exist today in the market, which we explain in the next section. In addition, we launched a series of tips and tips to get the decision right.

What types of curtains for the living room?

Below we indicate the different types of curtains that exist today.

CortinesCurtains for living room

Traditionally they are the types of curtains for rooms that have been used more in different spaces of the home, like the living room for example. They are placed on both sides of the window so that the entry of light is not affected. They are usually made of thick fabrics such as velvet or canvas. To this day, little by little they are falling into disuse.

VenetiansCurtains for living room

Venetian blinds are some of the most popular today when decorating different spaces such as the living room. The main advantage they provide is that they can rotate their blades according to the orientation of the light; in this way, the amount of light entering the room can be dosed. There is a wide range of colors and materials available in the market: aluminum, PVC, wood …

Of ReedCurtains for living room

Although they are not very popular in the West, they are a great option because they allow the sun to be protected, but without totally obscuring the natural light. This type of curtains are made with materials such as bamboo, so they are 100% natural.

Net curtainsCurtains for living room

Curtains type curtains are one of the most common for the living room. They are made with very light fabrics so that light can pass through them. Generally, they are of soft tones; thus, the light takes on this nuance, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

BlindsCurtains for living room

Curtains for blinds are one of the main trends in the decoration of the room today. A type of light curtain that unfolds vertically. They do not impede the entrance of light, although they do sift it. In this way, the living room is illuminated by natural light, but without the sun’s rays spoiling the furniture.

PleatedCurtains for living room

Pleated curtains have horizontal fabric panels that function as adjustable blinds. Some of these models allow the upper part to descend so that light enters.

The variety of curtains that exists in the market today is very broad, so you can choose the one that best suits the dimensions of your living room, as well as your personal preferences and preferences.

How to choose the curtains for the living room?

Next, we indicate a series of tips to take into account to choose the curtains of the room and to guess with the decision.

The shape of the window

The type of window and the orientation of the room are two of the most important factors to find the most appropriate type of curtain for this space. It is important to maintain the ratio between the amount of fabric used and the length of the window. In addition, it is essential to reflect on the amount of sunlight you want to enter the room; depending on this, curtains for the room should be more or less dense. It is important to curtains for the living room.

Ideal length

There is nothing more unsightly in a room or any other space in the home than curtains for rooms that drag several inches on the floor. In general, the ideal thing is to add about six inches to the length of the window, no more.


To get the curtain to have a nice fall, it is best to opt for heavy fabrics such as heavy linen or wild silk, for example.


In those cases in which it is decided to install a double curtain in the living room window or a combination of drop and curtain, the clamp is an essential element. Pick up the fabric and create a striking effect, with a touch of the most elegant. In this way, the window becomes the main element of the stay.

Hang the curtain

When it comes to hanging the curtain, it is important to remember that there are two systems. On the one hand, the bars, which are very simple. And, on the other hand, the rails, which allow working the curtain in a simpler way, although they are less aesthetic.


Of course, the size of the room is a decisive element to find the most appropriate curtain for it. The objective is to create a cozy and harmonious space. Thus, if it is of a large size, the combination of curtains, curtains, and blinds is a great option. If, on the other hand, the room is small in size, it is better to choose blinds because they steal less space.

Smooth or patterned curtain

Patterned curtains are recommended only in large rooms, as long as the drawing in question is proportionate to space. Meanwhile, the smooth curtains are perfect for small rooms.

Sun entrance

If a lot of natural light enters the room, it is best to choose curtains and double curtains. Roller blinds are also a good option to consider.

Knowing the different types of curtains for a living room that exist in the living room and taking into account these tips, finding the most accurate decision is very simple.

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