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5 easy DIY ideas to decorate room on Halloween

The terrifying party of the year is just around the corner. It’s time to go looking for some simple ideas to decorate the house on Halloween and get a terrifying environment. Here you have 5 DIY ideas to decorate room. To do it yourself that cannot be simpler. Take note!

A few DIY ideas very easy to make, simple materials that we can find at home and desire to have fun. That’s all you’ll need this year to decorate the house on Halloween. You dare? To help you we have looked for some details that help you to give your room (and also the receiver) a scary but also fun. You will especially like it if you plan to celebrate a Halloween party for children or adults at home. Your guests will have their hair standing on end!

DIY ideas to decorate room

diy ideas to decorate room

You will surely cook some of the richest and darkest recipes you can think of. Well, here are a few great suggestions for decorating the Halloween table, chairs and armchairs.

Let’s start with the tablecloth. To achieve the terrifying effect, we must take care of all the details. Here is a special way to get yourself a black cloth with a spider web design.

To do this, you only have to buy a black cloth and draw on it the cobwebs with a chalk. Then you have to spread the fabric on a surface protected with a plastic. Soak a cotton swab in bleach and follow the chalk lines of the drawings. The bleach will leave those strokes without color.

It is best to start at the center of the tablecloth and continue towards the ends. Do it carefully so that the bleach does not spread too much. Wait a few minutes and then rinse the fabric well with water and wash it afterward. You have your Halloween tablecloth ready!

Light up the table with a witch’s broom

This DIY idea has seemed very decorative to me. In fact, the biggest complication is finding a beautiful witch’s broom made with heather or with raffia and a stick.

Light up the table

If you already have it, the rest is simple. Look for some small candlesticks or some little glass jars and attach them to the broom with black string. Then put a black candle inside each jar. I would look for small LED lamps that work with batteries. In general, they offer much more security than candles. Finally hang the broom on the table, suspended from the ceiling with invisible nylon threads. Cool!

A spooky welcome

Decorating the entrance door with a special crown is an imported custom, but very special. I love resorting to these crowns to decorate the house on Halloween and give a special welcome to the guests if you expect visitors.

And if at Christmas they dress in tinsel, mistletoe, and holly, the Halloween crowns also have their special motives. Like this crown decorated with disturbing crows …

A spooky welcome

If you decide to do it yourself right away, you will realize how easy it is. Look for a wreath of vine branches or any other type, as long as they are dry branches, without leaves. Paint it black with spray paint. Then stick a few crows cut out of black cardboard and place a ribbon to hang it from the door. In this case, we have chosen one of the black and white squares.

Decorative center with bats

Halloween brings us a few special patterns and designs with which we can decorate our spaces, the same as the hall or the garden. It’s about skulls, spiders, crows, witches, black cats, bats …

Then cut the silhouette of the bats on black rubber Eva. Choose a bright finish to give a special touch to the set. Stick the bats with a silicone gun and … you’ve got it!

Skull XXL

Skull XXL

The last idea that I bring to you today is really original. The idea is to make a picture with a skull design using nails and string on a large wooden board. Start by painting the board, applying two coats of black paint if necessary.

Once the paint dries, place a template of paper with the drawing of the skull on the table. Go nailing small nails with the head around the skull. Remove the template and tie the white string on one of the nails. Go creating the drawing with the string, taking care that it is well tense.

Any of these ideas will help you decorate the house on Halloween. They will not take much time, you will have them ready in a moment and they will put that festive and terrifying note that you are looking for. Booooooo!

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