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Parents also gain weight during pregnancy

Gain weight during pregnancy– It is strange to think that the future father will also need to buy pre dad clothes. Maybe it is not so crazy, considering that a British study has confirmed that men also gain weight during the pregnancy of their partner. An average of 6, 3 kg, a non-negligible figure.

A poll of 5,000 men in Britain by an advertising company produced unexpected results.  When respondents confirmed that weight gain had also been a problem for them.

The average weight gain was around 6.35kg at the end of her partner’s pregnancy, which was equivalent to about 5cm of waist gain. 25% of men confessed that they had needed to buy “pre daddy” clothes and many of them were not aware of the weight gain until they perceived the difficulty of using their clothes.

Why can weight gain occur in a man who is going to be a father?

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The reasons that were extracted from this singular study, as precipitants of weight gain were:

25% of British parents, indicated that the fact that the future mother, increased their daily food intake caused men to want to avoid the possible guilt of it. Ingesting the same way, more food. The problem was that the intake was mainly unhealthy foods.

  • The tendency of the pregnant woman to prepare more abundant meals.
  •  In some cases, men indicated that the woman during pregnancy, increased the amount of food prepared at meals for her and the rest of the family.
  • Increased consumption of snacks at home.
  • A high percentage of men recognize that during pregnancy, they allowed themselves. A greater consumption of unhealthy snacks such as pizzas, beer, chocolate and chips.
  •  Greater number of restaurant outings.

Many men corroborate that during pregnancy there was an increase in outings to restaurants in which the intake was higher than that made in the home. With this, it was intended to make a greater enjoyment of couple time.

What conclusions can be drawn from this study?

First of all, it is important to emphasize that pregnancy has an impact on the couple, which may often go unnoticed. In addition to increased food intake, men may experience symptoms of stress. Or other disturbances to which attention should be paid.

The future dads, are a fundamental reinforcement for women during the period of pregnancy. They must understand, support and provide strength to their partner who is in a very special situation. However, they also present needs, fears and weaknesses that often do not express or share with anyone and can generate anxiety or anxiety. Bilateral communication is a key tool for the balance of both partners during pregnancy.

The father during pregnancy

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It is evident that the woman does not live the pregnancy as a man. Since she is physically involved, which affects both her body and her psychological state. Many expectant parents feel that they take a back seat when their wife expects a child, and even feel jealous of the future baby.

If they do not want to feel relegated. The best option is to get involved in the whole process of gestation.

A man should be as close as possible to his partner throughout the pregnancy. This implies going to the visits of the doctor. And above all to the ultrasounds to be able to see in first person how the fetus evolves and is a living being, more and more developed.

The information is also essential, to know what happens in the body of his wife. Reading books, and all kinds of magazines can help you understand why the future mother reacts as she does, at what times.

Start to relate to the fetus

Although the father does not have the child inside his body, he can begin to find ways to establish a relationship with him. Stroking the mother’s womb and talking to her are ways to get in touch with the little one. Keep in mind that, about halfway through pregnancy, the baby begins to hear the sounds from outside. Therefore, if the father speaks to him, when he is born he will recognize his voice.

The father can also approach his future child by going to childbirth classes with his wife.  And collaborating on practical aspects, such as the preparation of the room or his clothes.

The psychological evolution of the father

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Just as the mother goes through different stages throughout her pregnancy. And assumes the changes implied by the birth of her child, the father goes through a very similar process.

One of the first worries a man goes through when he knows that his wife is expecting a child, is the health of his partner. And the physical changes he undergoes, which cause him an important protective instinct.

Doubts about the future of the child, his will be able to face their responsibilities. And how everything will happen from birth, are other ideas that can pass through the head of a future father, and can cause swings in his state of spirit.

What is an emphatic pregnancy?

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Until now, the idea that a father can feel similar symptoms (weight gain, tiredness …) to those of his wife during the pregnancy process was considered little more than a popular myth.

This type of sensations is known as an emphatic pregnancy. And there are now scientific studies that begin to show that emphatic pregnancies can be a reality. It seems that a woman’s pregnancy predisposes a man to have even hormonal changes during pregnancy, which predispose him to have the feeling of fatherhood.

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