essentials travel in Switzerland


Essentials  travel in Switzerland– Switzerland is a small country that knows how to take advantage of every corner and exploit the advantages offered by each landscape. A destination that you can visit at any time of the year, since, at all times of the year, an incredible panorama can be observed . Prepare the traveler suitcase, and go discover these essentials  travel in Switzerland.

Top eight essentials  travel in Switzerland


essentials travel in Switzerland

A commune surrounded by mountains and invaded by nature. You can visit it in summer and enjoy its alpine landscapes and its lake, Bachalpsee or in winter and practice skiing. In addition, there are more than 100 kilometers of different trails for hiking. It is located in Jungfrau Ski Region , and to get here you can take a train from Geneva to Interlaken , and from Interlaken another to Grindelwald. Also if you are in the area you can take a train from Kleine Scheidegg to the Jungfraujoch station , the closest to this valley.


essentials travel in Switzerland

The combination of a medieval and picturesque village with the nature of the area, give rise to this destination that you can not miss during your essentials  travel in Switzerland. A river that crosses the whole enclave and a bridge that seems taken from a story, leave before your eyes an image worthy of a postcard. It is located in the Ticino region , and can be accessed by car from Riazzino or Magadino. Trains and buses can take you from Zurich, making transfers in Bellinzona and in Tenero.


the essentials travel in Switzerland

This city is the ideal starting point for many excursions . We recommend you visit Schynige Platte in Wilderswil , an alpine garden with more than 500 different species of plants; Heimwehfluh , a funicular that will take you to a terrace where you can see a beautiful panorama or St. Beatus – Hölen , caves and waterfalls that you can access on foot, by boat, by car or bus. It is located in the canton of Bern and the easiest way to get there is by train , the main lines of Bern and Lucerne reach the Interlaken Ost station , where this city is located. From Geneva you can take a direct train that lasts about 3 hours.


essentials travel in Switzerland

It is the gateway to Berne Oberland . Stroll through its historic center and discover its castle built in the twelfth century. A beautiful destination that lies on the banks of the Arce River and that has a large lake, the Thun , where you can bathe or practice a water sport such as diving. To get to this enclave you can take a train to Thun station and walk about 15 minutes to reach the town.


top essentials travel in Switzerland

Between mountains and rocky walls is one of the most beautiful valleys of Switzerland . Lauterbrunnen has 72 waterfalls and huge meadows that will leave you speechless during your visit. One of the activities you must do is to walk the thematic path, named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO , where you can feel in full contact with nature and observe the waterfalls, among other attractions. If you want to visit the valley, from Interlaken there are about 20 minutes by car and, also, you will cross villages and natural landscapes full of charm.


discover essentials travel in Switzerland

In the mountain pass of Brünigpass is this tourist region. Its main attraction is Lake Oberwalden , surrounded by nature, ideal for those travelers who like to play sports and who are nature lovers. If you want to have an unforgettable view of the landscape, do not miss the Güpfi viewpoint . To be able to visit this mountain destination, it is advisable to access from Lucerne or Berne , since they are the nearest towns and you will find public transport that takes you directly.


new essentials travel in Switzerland

It is the favorite destination for tourists to spend their holidays both in summer and winter. A large valley that has very high peaks, such as Mount Tiflis and Mount Hahnen , where you can go hiking or skiing. Do not forget to visit the Benedictine monastery founded in 1120 , today, the monks still live there and exercise their function. It is best to take a train , since from the station it takes 15 minutes walking to the place. There are trains and buses from Zurich and Bern.


latest essentials travel in Switzerland

Zermatt is much more than just a ski resort. A car-free town , full of history and surrounded by nature. Being free of motor vehicles, you can only arrive by train or helicopter . We highly recommend that you travel by train there, as it will become an experience, with the Matterhorn Gothard Bahn trains , where you will travel idyllic landscapes. In addition, we recommend that you ride on the highest rack railway in Europe, the Gornergrat. By public transport you can arrive via Geneva, transshipping in Visp.

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