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Everything you need to know about the FENSA certificate

If you have never used a home improvement firm to replace your doors or windows, you may not have heard of FENSA; however, it is valuable to have some background into the scheme and its role, especially if you plan to have double glazing installed or replaced in your home at any point.

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FENSA, which stands for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme, is managed by the UK’s Glass & Glazing Federation. The scheme exists to regulate Britain’s double glazing industry and to flag up providers that are trustworthy.

When you decide to get double glazing installed or replaced in your home, it is essential to choose a company that is a FENSA member. This shows that it operates to industry good practices and is committed to working according to quality practices. FENSA shows company profiles on its website, using the installer search feature.

When you choose a FENSA member company to install your double glazing windows Tewkesbury, you will know that the resulting work will be certified and guaranteed to meet all necessary building regulations. You can find a quality and approved supplier by visiting the FENSA website, which cuts out wasted time sifting through uncertified and disreputable companies.

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Certified work

If you have your double glazing installed by a company that is not registered with the scheme, there is a danger that the work will not be certified with your local authority and you will have to do all the paperwork and administration yourself.

The certificate

When you use a FENSA member business, such as, your contact will hand you a compliance certificate when the work has been completed to prove compliance with necessary building regulations. Keep this certificate safe, as you will need to pass it on to the new owners if you sell your home at a later date. Don’t worry too much if you lose the certificate, however, as it is possible to order a replacement online through FENSA’s website. It costs £20 to order a replacement certificate.

In summary, it always pays to use a FENSA registered supplier when you are looking to replace your double glazing. In this way, you will avoid any headaches later down the line or wasted money spent on cowboy installers who rip you off and damage your property.

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