eye makeup with eyeliner 

Five simple ways for eye makeup with eyeliner

With these techniques, you can make your eyes look bigger or give them an effect of the most glamorous. When it comes to eye makeup with eyeliner, there are many techniques that will help you make your eyes look bigger or give them a perfect dramatic effect for the most glamorous parties.

Simple ways for eye makeup with eyeliner

eye makeup with eyeliner 

Lifting effect

If you have your eyes down, this is your solution. Learn to make your eyes appear more raised by applying a clear eyeshadow on the entire eyelid and other dark upward in the final part of the eye. What blush chooses according to the color of your skin?

Smokey eyes

The smoky eyes or ‘smokey eyes’ is one of the most glamorous techniques you can find to paint your eyes. This is an intense and perfect makeup for parties that is based on applying the shadow without cuts, blurring it around the eye. The trick to getting perfect smoky eyes is to give the shadow a shape that favors us.

The technique of ‘cut crease’

With the technique of the ‘cut crease’, the fold or eye socket is cut sharply with another eyeshadow that has a totally different color to create a surprising contrast and give the eyes a dramatic touch. In general, this technique is accompanied by a very strong eyeliner and a very angular makeup.

The double delineated

To get the double-elbowed technique, you’ll need a little practice and patience. This way of putting makeup on your eyes you can use it on your day to day, simply wearing a little eyeliner, or create intense and dramatic makeups like this one for the nights of partying

A natural look

A simple makeup for day to day is always the best option. Bet on eyeshadows of natural colors (brown and beige) and then apply a little bit of eyeliner in the way that best matches the shape of your eye.

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