First time skiing without lessons for beginners

When winter comes, I can only think of one thing: go skiing. It is an activity that I love since I was little and that makes me feel free and in contact with nature. Have you ever enjoyed first time skiing without lessons? If so, you will understand what I feel. If not, learning to ski is something that I recommend because I know you will like it as much as I do. And what better excuse than a vacation in the snow?

Experience of first time skiing without lessons: Tips

First time skiing without lessons

In this post, you will learn the practical tips after first time skiing without lessons. It will make you want to pack and learn to ski now! Skiing is a unique sport. It gives you freedom and makes you feel that you can do everything when you slip through the snow. But do not forget that it is a risky sport, and as such, you have to take into account some safety rules.

Always wear a helmet, keep a safe distance with the rest of the skiers, do not leave the marked tracks and whenever you have any questions, ask the monitors or people in charge of the ski lifts.

Do not forget to check the state of the ski slopes

ski slopes

It is essential that before going up to the ski slopes, check the snow report in Accuweather. In that part of the snow, you will know the weather, the forecast for the whole day and the open ski slopes.

In your case, when you are learning to ski, you will have to look at the green tracks, which are those of beginners. And always keep in mind where you came from to get an idea of how to get back before the tracks close in the afternoon.

Fit boots well is a must

Fit boots

Putting on your boots to hold your foot and ankle securely and prevent possible injuries is essential. If you rent the equipment, before going skiing, try your boots well and see if they look too big. If so, better change the size for one less, since we do not want to dance your foot inside the boot.

Always use the canes to balance yourself. But they are not only useful for that, they are also very important if you fall.

If it happens to you (I assure you it will happen), do not be afraid; just take off the skis (if they have not jumped alone) and put them perpendicular to the slope, never down, lean on the poles and return them to place.

Do not forget the position of the body

ski position

Relaxed position with legs flexed. Approach the tips without touching to make wedge and press with the edges of the inside of the skis while you separate the heels to control the speed.

I do not want to scare you, but the first few days you’ll have a lot of stiffness, because you’re exercising your muscles like you have not done before. But do not be discouraged if you get up without being able to move. When you get used to it, you’ll enjoy it to the fullest!

What snow clothes to wear to ski?

skiing wears

In this photo, you can see in detail the clothes you must take to ski. It seems like a lot, but once it’s set, you’ll get used to it. For your first ski trip, you can not forget the following:

Waterproof ski pants: It seems basic, but I’ve seen people ski with jeans and you can not imagine how they ended up soaked to the bone at the end of the day.

Cap or polar tape: It covers your ears and heads very well.

Sunglasses or blizzard: I recommend the latter because although you have a good time, cover the face better and are more comfortable.

Snow gloves: They are not worth the typical wool. They have to be special for snow and they do not heat, because you’re going to be with them all day and you can not have your hands frozen.

Ski jacket: The most important thing is that it is comfortable for you and you can move easily with it. Have pockets to store gloves, sunscreen and other things you wear while skiing or when you stop to eat.

If you rent the equipment (boots, skis, poles, and helmet), keep an eye on the sizes. Try everything before.

If you decide to buy the equipment, when you are learning to ski, I do not recommend that you buy it again, since you do not know if you are going to love the sport or if you prefer to crush a few skis first and then buy some that last long time and be better. Therefore, it is better to buy some second-hand skis.

Oh! And it may seem very obvious, but do not forget to put on sunscreen. You can not imagine how they burn the rays with the reflection in the snow. Even if it’s cloudy!

Nobody said that the beginnings were easy, right? They are not essential, but they certainly serve a lot at the beginning, when you are learning to ski. The bases and the technique are essential to be able to ski well and some classes always come well so that later you can continue on your own.

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