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Golf course, yes or no?

Golf course-If you started playing golf at an adult age, you probably also asked yourself this question. The dilemma between hiring the services of an instructor. Or not is common among those who begin to play not only this, but any other sport that involves some “difficulty” due to the demanding technique. A unique kit or the need to unwind in unknown terrain. Golf lessons for beginners are, for many people, the answer to an arduous initiation.

This type of sports, among which we could also include skiing or surfing, for example, require the learning of basic notions. And an important prior preparation, phases in which the help of a professional can suppose an authentic lifesaver. Since that the assimilation of so much information  and the acquisition of a certain skill is complicated at first.

Most people who enter a golf course for the first time request the training of a teacher through the hiring of a package of classes. This will be enough to acquire the initial basis that will help us feel comfortable on the ground. And know what to do in any situation. Then, practicing to improve our “swing” will be a matter of perseverance. And work alone or, better yet, in the company of other expert players to learn from.

Victims of difficult abandonment

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The worst thing, undoubtedly, that can happen to us if we do not hire initial classes to learn correctly how to play golf is that, first of all, we advance very slowly, and second. We acquire vices that afterwards we will find it very difficult to leave. This happens in most sports where we must apply skill, technique and enthusiasm equally.

We have already said on other occasions that golf initiation is not easy and often. A couple of good golf tips on how to improve the “swing” by our teacher can be more useful than tens of hours practicing solo on the golf course.

Of course, golf lessons are not free, however, its cost should be understood as a short-term investment. Because we can begin to enjoy golf in full before any other self-taught person, in addition to, surely, reach a level superior in technique.

Most Spanish golf clubs have a golf academy, golf courses or golf teachers to teach at different levels of learning. In fact, there are as many golf courses as there are needs for the user of the field. Since we find from weekly intensive courses to quarterly and annual regular classes designed to teach golf lessons at the levels of initiation. Advanced initiation and improvement, both for adults and for boys and girls.

The support of the golf lessons

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Internet and more specifically the beginner golf videos that you could find on social channels like YouTube have saved the lives of more than one new player.

Obviously, a video viewed through our “smart phone” cannot replace the experience gained on the playing field from a professional who. In addition, will personally assist us correcting each of our positions and addressing all our queries. However, yes it can help us to familiarize ourselves with those elementary and necessary notions that we must learn during the first days of play. In short, thanks to the videos of golf for beginners we will not seem excessively lost in our first day on the grass.

What can we learn from a video of golf lessons in USA? From the vocabulary typical of the game mode to the characteristics of the facilities, the “dress code”, the parts that make up the equipment. The rules of courtesy of golf courses in Spain and other golf rules that we must comply with during a day in the field. Theoretical notions about the way to play or the movements we must do to get the perfect golf swing.

The advantage is that we can see all these free golf videos whenever we want, at any time of the day and in any place. So that the first golf lesson with our instructor is lighter and we can move faster than expected thanks to our basic theoretical knowledge on how to play golf.

Golf classes also for advanced levels

We have talked about the importance of golf lessons for beginners, however. This is not the only type of player who can benefit from the advice of a golf teacher. The golf lessons will help people with an advanced level to improve their technique and game. Obtaining optimal performance and magnificent results. Because the instructor will make sure that we correct our movements when hitting the ball. After becoming aware of our mistakes.

Improving the starting position in front of the ball, controlling the “swing” to perfection . Or achieving the desired trajectory will be achievable objectives in the hand of golf lessons taken with a professional in the field.

But not only that, an instructor can give us advice about which equipment to buy depending on our physical characteristics. And game form, how to temper the nerves. How to reach a higher level of concentration. How recover from a defeat, how to prevent back and joint injuries. How to maintain a good run, how to improve a bad ball. Or how to adjust our physical condition to increase performance on the grass. In short, how to prepare to face a day in one of the most demanding and mental sports that exist.

Now that you know all the benefits that personalized golf lessons offer. Go to your usual golf course and learn about the options that exist to tune your technique on the grass.

Relaxation techniques to apply on the golf course

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The practice of any sport helps keep us in shape, to have a healthy body. But also, it is a way of disconnection and release of stress so effective that, at times, it is the factor that really engages the athlete. In golf, physical preparation is important, but the mental capacity and concentration influence a very high percentage in the effectiveness of your strokes.

Improve your game through relaxation techniques

Obviously, the psychological elements in a professional player are not as important as in an amateur. Because you, as an amateur, practice golf to have a good time with your friends or colleagues. However, competitiveness exists. If you want to optimize your game and your hobby is to spend some pleasant hours. And not something that generates anxiety. You should bear in mind that relaxation on the golf course is essential.

There are times when staying calm is essential. Such as after a bad blow and when you have made a serious or inappropriate mistake. In these circumstances, you must remain calm so as not to break your state of concentration.

Some basic exercises that you can perform while you are practicing this exciting sport are:

  • Concentration in the game, naturally. If it were something forced it constitutes in itself a distraction
  • Display of the blow
  • Self-confidence in yourself

To keep your muscles relaxed, perform breathing work. Put into practice a rhythmic breathing of inspiration. And expiration, with the abdomen and thorax, to make your body tone up, avoid fatigue and activate your brain.

Routines that help improve your concentration and your game

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Even if you are an amateur golf player. There are several tips you can follow to make your shots reach higher levels of effectiveness.

To go to play golf you must have a positive attitude, confidence and motivation. This way of being will make you willing to enjoy the game, something basic for the results to be satisfactory. However, do not overdo it in that positivist. You must be realistic with your possibilities to avoid generating undesirable later frustration.

Create a routine and put it into practice before making all your hits, this will increase your level of concentration. And your effectiveness. Afterwards, try to maintain concentration and calmness. Quickly think about the next move, always keeping in mind the importance of enjoying the game. Control your negative emotions in case the blow has not been all the good you wanted.

Finally analyze and evaluate the results taking into account the successes. And errors, with the aim of learning and draw conclusions that will help you to improve.

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