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Great winter activities for all the family

When the weather outside is frightful, there are still plenty of exciting things to do that can get the whole family out and about and enjoying fun time together.

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Here are some games you could try, come snow or rain!

Pick up sticks

One of the best toys, a stick can be as versatile as a cardboard box. It can be a magic wand, or a catapult or you can use them to play pooh sticks and race down a stream or river.

Going for a walk in your local park, or outside into your garden can be made lots more fun by collecting sticks and having a competition with your brother or sister or friends to see who can find the darkest colour stick or the nobbliest. Once you’ve collected a handful they can be built into a handy den for insects to shelter in over winter.

Build a den

Making a space to play outdoors can be simple if you have a climbing frame or outdoor seating to start with. A great den can be made from a childrens wooden climbing frames from suppliers such as NI Climbing Frames

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Track birds and animals

While the ground is muddy or after snow has fallen, keep an eye out for animal tracks. If you follow them you might be lucky and make your way towards where they live or where they go to feed.

Keep an ear open in the evening just before it gets very dark because at this time of year some birds like to get together and find a communal roost where they can all keep warm. They’ll usually spend half an hour or so cheeping and talking to each other before settling down quietly for the night. Look out for patches of pavement beneath trees that have lots of bird poo on them – this could be a sign that a flock of birds is roosting together in the tree above.

The Woodland Trust has some top tips on how to enjoy the outdoors in winter.

Scavenger hunt

You don’t have to go far to spot fun things outside in winter. Try going on a scavenger hunt in your garden and see how many spiders webs, leaf skeletons and feathers you can find.

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