Greek Keftedes: A Recipe For Cooking At Home

Greek Keftedes: A Recipe For Cooking At Home

Fans of experiments in the kitchen should pay special attention to the recipes of Greek keftedes. While cooking this national dish, your house will be filled with such aromas that all homemade ones will certainly gather in the kitchen without waiting for a special invitation!

In Greece, keftedes (cutlets of small sizes) are very popular: you can try them absolutely in any restaurant or tavern. Usually, Greek keftedes served with French fries and Greek salad. Many housewives use small meatballs for filling hot sandwiches closed, as well as snacks for wine or beer.

Greek Keftedes: A Recipe For Cooking At Home

If you wanted to try to cook the chops in Greek and pamper your home with a new unusual flavor, then you will certainly need the unique recipes collected in the article!

The subtleties of cooking meatballs in Greek

Before you go to the kitchen, you should pay attention to some subtleties in the preparation of a national dish from Greece:

  • Huge value in the recipes of meatballs is occupied by spicy herbs and spices. They give the finished dish aroma and rich taste. Fresh mint leaves, parsley, and oregano are the essential ingredients that make up the keftedes mincemeat.
  • The meat base of the dish is pork, beef or lamb. In Greece, a mixture of minced meat is often used, combining several kinds of meat in the same proportion.
  • Mincemeat for keftedes is best prepared in advance, so that the meat base has time to soak in spices, and the finished dish is juicy and fragrant.

Greek Keftedes: A Recipe For Cooking At Home

  • In addition to the fragrant greens and meat base, zucchini or apples are often added to the mince. From this meatballs become more juicy and tender to the taste.
  • Black pepper is ground with the help of chaff just before adding to the mince. For a more pronounced taste, use several types of pepper (a mixture of black, red, white).

Greek Keftedes: A Recipe For Cooking At Home

Classic recipe keftedes

It should be noted that greek keftedes differs from ordinary meatballs primarily in size. Small cutlets are fried in hot oil or baked in the oven, and mint and fresh greens that make up the minced meat in large quantities give the dish a fresh taste and an indescribable flavor.

Ingredients for cooking (for 10 servings):

  • minced meat – 700 g (you can mix equally pork and beef);
  • milk (cream diluted with boiled water) – 130 ml;
  • white breadcrumb – 200 g;
  • chicken eggs – 2 pieces;
  • chopped mint (fresh or dry) – 1 tsp;
  • a small bunch of parsley;
  • middle apple – 1 piece;
  • onion – 1 piece;
  • coarse salt and spices for minced meat (black pepper, hops-suneli and others);
  • some cooking oil for frying.

Greek Keftedes: A Recipe For Cooking At Home

Step by Step Cooking

  1. Soak the crumb of white bread in warm milk.
  2. Peel the apple and remove the pith core. Grate it on a coarse grater.
  3. Peel the onion and cut it into tiny pieces (you can even grate on a coarse grater).
  4. Wash the parsley, dry with a paper towel and chop finely.
  5. Grind fresh or dried mint with a sharp green knife.
  6. In a deep bowl, place all the prepared ingredients and minced meat. Add pepper and salt.
  7. Basis keftedes diligently kneads, you can even beat off on the table. Leave in a covered bowl for a few hours to soak. It is better if the stuffing will insist in a cool place the whole night.
  8. After wetting your hands in water (vegetable oil), roll small balls of minced meat. The size of the cutlet should be no larger than a large plum.
  9. In a skillet or large deep frying pan, heat the sunflower oil and fry the meatballs on each side until golden brown crust forms.
  10. Reduce heat and cover the pan with a lid. Continue to stew keftedes a few more minutes until ready.
  11. Put the finished meatballs on a paper towel to absorb excess fat.

Serve keftedes should be hot until the wonderful aroma of spices has evaporated.

Greek Keftedes: A Recipe For Cooking At Home

Useful tips from the chef

  • Traditionally, Greek meatballs are fried in a large amount of butter, but to save time, you can bake shaped balls in an oven heated to 200-240 degrees. Bake keftedes briefly, for 18-20 minutes.
  • During the preparation of minced meat add a considerable amount of salt and ground pepper (in the calculation of 1 tsp of salt and half a tsp of pepper per pound of minced meat).
  • To fry or bake the meatballs in Greek should be before the formation of golden brown while trying to ensure that inside they remain juicy and soft.
  • In order to form a crisp while cooking keftedes, before dipping the meatballs in the butter for frying, they should be slightly powdered with flour.

Greek Keftedes: A Recipe For Cooking At Home

Greek keftedes cutlets with zucchini

A dish cooked with the addition of fresh or thawed zucchini is especially tender and juicy.

Ingredients Required:

  • Half a kilo of mixed meat (not too fatty pork and beef);
  • medium-sized zucchini (zucchini is perfect);
  • onion head;
  • 1 chicken or 2 quail eggs;
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic;
  • a slice of white bread (savory loaf);
  • parsley;
  • dried oregano;
  • vegetable oil (sunflower or olive) for frying;
  • half a teaspoon of wine vinegar;
  • salt and chopped peppers.

Greek Keftedes: A Recipe For Cooking At Home

Detailed recipe with photos

  1. Peel a small zucchini peeled and seeds. If you take the zucchini, then the core cannot be removed. Rub the zucchini on a fine grater and squeeze out excess juice.
  2. Clean the onion and chop it in a blender.
  3. Garlic skip through the garlic.
  4. Crumble white bread into small pieces and add to the zucchini, where the breadcrumbs will be able to soak completely.
  5. Parsley washes, promakivaem paper towel from excess moisture and chop finely.
  6. In a deep bowl put the minced meat, grated zucchini with soaked bread, prepared onions and garlic, as well as chopped greens. We drive in an egg and add some wine vinegar to enhance the taste.
  7. Knead the stuffing and leave it in a closed container for several hours for marinating.
  8. After 1-2 hours, we take out a semi-finished product from the refrigerator and form small balls from it.
  9. In a deep fryer or deep frying pan, fry the shaped meatballs until crusting.
  10. Lay out the meatballs with a slotted spoon on the leaves of lettuce, sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve to the table.

Greek Keftedes: A Recipe For Cooking At Home

Greek keftedes can be recommended as a main course, served with a vegetable salad, and you can offer sliced potatoes or spaghetti as a side dish. Try to diversify the home menu with delicious Greek meatballs – keftedes absolutely everyone will like it! Successful experiments in the kitchen and enjoy your meal!

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