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Herbal remedies to accelerate hair growth

Many people seek to accelerate hair growth that, as we know, depending on the condition of the hair, may be greater or lesser.

This caters to different reasons. Thus, if our hair tends to split or is curly we will experience much less growth. Also, always  have to take into account certain conditions that can cause this process to slow down.

Problems in the scalp such as seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis can cause our hair to fall out too much . This, without a doubt, affects their growth. Next, we will see some options to accelerate the growth of the hair, in addition to cleaning it up and taking care of our scalp.

Herbal remedies to accelerate hair growth

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Aloe vera gel requires daily use to observe its benefits on the scalp.

Aloe vera is better known as Aloe vera . A plant that we possibly have in our house and that we can use in a useful way to accelerate hair growth. However, for it to take effect, we must apply this herbal remedy daily.

This remedy is especially recommended for those who suffer alopecia areata . It is characterized by hair loss in a localized area, leaving notorious gaps without any symptoms. However, in cases of other types of alopecia, this herbal remedy will also have its benefits.

Application mode

  • We will take a leaf of Aloe vera or aloe and split it in half.
  • Apply the leaf directly on the scalp , spreading the gel throughout the area.
  • Also, we can remove the gel with a spoon and put it in a bottle to apply later.
  • We will perform a gentle massage and leave for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • We must do this every day to see its effects.

Rosemary against the fall

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The infusion of rosemary can be used in different ways, whether in shampoo, powdered or as a lotion.

Another way to accelerate hair growth is to prevent hair from falling out . Although it is necessary to check if we are suffering stress, anxiety or other problems for this herbal remedy to take effect. With this, we can help the hair stop falling and begin to see how it grows.

Application mode

  • Add it to the shampoo : we prepare an infusion of rosemary and add a cup to our usual shampoo . As the days go by, you will begin to act, in addition to allowing us to enjoy a more silky and revitalized hair.
  • Spray it on the scalp : we add the infusion of rosemary to a sprayer and apply it to the hair before washing it. We let it act for a few minutes before removing it in the shower.
  • Hair lotion : you can apply the infusion directly on the scalp by performing a gentle massage to stimulate hair growth. You can do it after the shower and then dry in the usual way.

Thyme to promote growth

  • Thyme is a powerful antifungal that will control the stability of the scalp.
  • Thyme has properties that favor the healing of the scalp, in the event that we suffer some condition on its growth and favor its fall. This is due to its antifungal properties . However, in what way can we use this infusion to promote hair growth?
  • We can follow the same application method that we use for the rosemary infusion . In addition, this herbal remedy will not only prevent the fall, it will improve the alopecia by stimulating the circulation of the scalp. Also, it will strengthen the hair allowing it does not fall off so frequently.

Other factors …

These herbal remedies are useful when we suffer an abundant hair loss or in times when this fall becomes more pronounced, as in autumn. However, we should not be alarmed because we always fall hair strands . The hair regenerates and it is normal to lose up to 150 hairs a day.

If we spend many days without washing our hair, it will also be normal to make more hair fall out . This especially happens to women with curly hair . Loose hair stays tangled in the hair until the next time we wash or comb our hair.

We encourage you to try these remedies to enjoy healthier hair and promote its growth. But if you suffer alopecia or have a condition on the scalp do not hesitate to go to a specialist. Discuss the complementary treatment with these remedies so that they do not interfere with your options.

5 foods to strengthen the hair growth

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To strengthen the hair and get a healthy hair, we must incorporate a series of essential nutrients for this purpose. Next, we tell you some of the foods that give us these nutritional properties.


Besides being rich in omega-3 containing B vitamins and fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and  olive oil . Vitamin A has a vital function for the life of the hair, which consists of lubricating the hair follicle and therefore, helps to prevent and reduce hair loss.


The nuts in general, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids . In turn, walnuts are also a source of vitamin B and folic acid, which helps oxygenate the blood of hair follicles. In addition, nuts have copper, a mineral that helps maintain the natural color of hair .

Vegetables to strengthen the hair growth

Some vegetables such as aubergines, celery or asparagus are rich in zinc. This mineral is essential to keep the hair in good condition, since it intervenes in the formation of DNA. In addition, it helps maintain hormonal balance and intervenes in numerous enzymatic reactions. When zinc levels are low, we observe hair loss, growth retardation, appearance of gray hair and several types of immune deficiencies.

Red meat

Red meat and some vegetables such as spinach are foods rich in iron. These are foods to strengthen the  basic hair so that it grows strong and healthy. In addition, it is essential for the oxygenation of the scalp and the pigmentation of the hair.

Iron is a mineral that intervenes in the blood cell renewal and facilitates the arrival of oxygen to the organs, muscles and brain. A deficiency of this mineral can cause multiple and varied disorders in our health , where hair loss is included.

Fruits to strengthen the hair growth

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Citrus fruits, such as orange and lemon, and some vegetables such as spinach  or broccoli are a source of vitamin C. This vitamin helps fight hair loss because it stimulates the production of collagen, which is essential for the strand of the hair to stay healthy and strong. In addition, it allows to repair the damaged parts of the hair, preventing the hair from breaking at the first change. In turn, vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron.

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