Homemade energy bar recipes

Homemade energy bar recipes for runners and athletes

Would you like to make a homemade energy bar? Are you looking for a healthy and full of energy food for your running training? If you are looking for a simple recipe to prepare your own cereal bars to pay close attention to this post. Next, we are going to give you a very easy homemade energy bar recipes so you can make your own energetic snack.

Homemade energy bar recipes: Ingredients

The cereal bars are one of the food supplements most used by athletes. In addition to healthy, homemade snacks are very easy to prepare and provide extra energy for our workouts. Normally the bars are composed of cereals, honey, fruit and nuts, but there are a thousand ways to prepare them. You may also like biscuit ice cream recipe.

Homemade energy bar recipes

  • 100 grams of cereals. Here you can choose the non-sugar cereals that you like the most. We use a mixture of muesli.
  • 100 grams of nuts. It is best to opt for almonds, hazelnuts, cashews or unroasted peanuts.
  • 150 grams of dried fruits. We recommend prunes, dates, dried apricots or figs. In addition to easy to get are very rich.
  • Sal. Just a little bit, do not go to happen.
  • Seeds. You can easily find pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds in supermarkets. Another option is to use sesame seeds.
  • Oil. You will need a little sunflower oil for the mold.

Presentation (7 STEPS)

Crush the nuts and give them a size similar to all pieces. Put the crushed nuts in a container and make sure they are well mixed.

Crush the raisins very well until you get a kind of pasta. Add the pasta to the mixture in the bowl of nuts.

Mix well the contents of the bowl and add the cereals and a pinch of salt. The best way to bind all the ingredients is by using a little honey or through a spoonful of syrup (water + sugar). We prefer to use dates or a little honey to avoid having to use sugar, but everyone does it as they want.

The fourth step is to stir everything with a spatula until the mixture is homogeneous. Ideally, a dough that can be handled without sticking on the fingers is formed.

Use a little bit of sunflower oil to lightly spread a rectangular mold (a cup to make biscuits goes well). Now put the dough in the container and press it tightly so that no gaps remain.

Let the dough rest for 10 or 15 minutes to take shape. Turn the container over and try to remove the mixture with a thud.

Now you can cut the dough to your liking to create your own homemade energy bars.

Homemade energy bar recipes

Presentation of energy bars

Once you have the cut cereal bars you can wrap them in baking paper to keep them!! Congratulations!! you just made your own healthy and cheap sports snacks, you can already claim to be a true “kitchenette”.

As you can see, preparing a bar for runners is very easy and it is much healthier than buying it in a supermarket. In addition, in the long run, you will save money and gain health. But do not forget that cereal bars are food supplements and do not substitute meals. Do not even think about getting used to sports and eating only these kinds of snacks, you could have feeding problems.

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