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Homer Simpson and his perfect game.

Homer Simpson is a complex character. Well, not really, but the show The Simpsons (which is in its thirtieth year and still going) has been on for so long that you feel he should be. One of the classic episodes of the show “Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder” highlights the fraught and slightly dysfunctional relationship that Homer has with his three children Bart, Lisa and Maggie. It also focuses on the fliting and fleeting nature of fame, the crux of this being Homer bowling a score of 300, in other words a perfect game. You can bet he had been using a Bowling Wrist Support during his training, possibly from to help him hone his skills to achieve that perfect score!

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As ever Homer is late for work at the Nuclear Power plant and as a punishment the plants megalomaniacal and tyrannical leader Mr Burns orders him to dispose of some toxic waste by eating it. His workmates try and cheer him up by inviting him to go bowling after work. Homer agrees then gives a resounding “Do’h!” when he remembers that he is supposed to attend a tea party for Maggie. In typical Homer style, or lack of it, he rings his wife Marge to say that the plant has experienced an accident and his friend Lenny has been taken to hospital and he wants to go with him. Marge agrees he should go and with the lie being told an evening of bowling awaits him.

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As lucky would have it Homer bowls a perfect 300-point game which is televised by the local news and shown that night. Marge sees this, along with him celebrating with a clearly unhurt Lenny, so she is unhappy. However, Homer becomes a celebrity overnight and the talk of the town of Springfield even getting an appearance on Springfield Squares a celebrity quiz show. He gets into a fight with successful actor and director Ron Howard (playing himself as per Simpson tradition) leading to the host Kent Brockman to moan about getting the flavour of the week on the show.

Upset that his fame is waning a sad Homer wanders the streets of Springfield where he sees a happy Ron Howard out with his family. Homer realises that his children and family are more important, and he immediately decides to make amends. Unfortunately, this has no effect with Bart and Lisa but after Maggie saves him when he is trying to teach her to swim, he resolves to take her to one of his greatest loves, bowling. She scores a perfect game on her first go (only for Homer to claim that one of her bowls was a foul).

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