Honeymoon before the wedding? The Early Moon arrives!

Honeymoon before the wedding? The Early Moon arrives!

Honeymoon before the wedding? The Early Moon arrives! The Early Moon is an early honeymoon that the engaged couple organizes before the wedding to “recharge the batteries”. And arrive so radiantly the day when the sentences will be said by marriage. Yes, as soon as you send the wedding invitations you will be overwhelmed by a sea of organizational commitments that will leave you little room to breathe … imagine traveling. Before it’s too late, find out all the details, advantages. And disadvantages of this ever-increasing trend in today’s wedding scene.

Where does this new fashion come from?Honeymoon before the wedding? The Early Moon arrives!

The concept behind the Early Moon has recent origins: It comes from England and is linked to the royal family since Pippa Middleton – Kate’s younger sister – decided to take a weekend getaway to the Canaries with her betrothed before the wedding, celebrated in 2017. Since then, thanks to the echo of the press, this practice. Became very fashionable: think that a recent study of the sector confirms that most of the women who held the bouquet of flowers in the past year, claimed to have opted for a similar trip before the wedding.

But how is an Early Moon organized?Honeymoon before the wedding? The Early Moon arrives!

Unlike the traditional honeymoon, the Early Moon is shorter and is not as charged with expectations as the “Journey” with a capital V. Usually you opt for a short. And not too distant stay, which does not require a particularly accurate organization. For example, you could opt for a road trip using your car, which would allow you to make the stops you want in total freedom. If you prefer public transportation. And are willing to move by plane, choose the destination based on the comfort of the departure flight. And arrival, perhaps choosing from the cheapest destinations in the period chosen.

As for the period, the one most suitable for the Early Moon is usually one. Or two months before the wedding, halfway between the choice of the wedding menu. And the completion of DIY wedding favors. To rest assured, we advise you to leave for this short trip only after having contacted. And made arrangements with the various suppliers involved in your event. So as to live those days in total relaxation, without worrying about the passing time.

The biggest pros …Honeymoon before the wedding? The Early Moon arrives!

The advantages of the Early Moon are numerous. For starters, this is the perfect opportunity to take a little break that interrupts the frenzy of the preparations, immersed in a relaxation that does not lose sight of what the real purpose of marriage is: to celebrate love, not to organize an event.

In fact, as well as allowing you to rest. And get to the big day without stress, this holiday will allow you to refresh your ideas. And better frame the decisions you are taking. It is not to be excluded, for example, that the place where you will go will give you the right inspiration for the ideas for wedding favors that you were looking for.

… and also some againstHoneymoon before the wedding? The Early Moon arrives!

As you know, not all that glitters is gold. And even the Early Moon has some disadvantages. Firstly – as long as this stay is short and therefore not expensive – It will still be an extra expense to be tackled in an already quite challenging period.

Also, since it is a period very close to the wedding. It will be good that you ask for help from a trusted person that the suppliers can contact in your absence, if necessary. This fact could obviously be inconvenient for this friend. Or relative. But also for you that you would not want to discharge this responsibility on him or her.

Finally, Early Moon risks becoming a source of further stress. If you are not used to improvising… would you be able to manage the unexpected events? Or, if you were very organized people, would you like to take charge of the preparation of this further, albeit small, event?

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