Honeymoon in Madagascar: phrases of love at sunset among the baobabs

Honeymoon in Madagascar: phrases of love at sunset among the baobabs

Honeymoon in Madagascar: phrases of love at sunset among the baobabs. Have you ever thought about making baobab wedding place cards? If you would like to make a reference to your upcoming honeymoon on an incredible African island. This would be a perfect symbol … one of many. Yes, because if you could describe Madagascar in two words, these would be diversity. And exclusivity and soon we will explain why. Are you wondering where this fascinating and remote place is? Well, it is a huge island washed by the Indian Ocean, not far from the south-eastern part of the African continent. But more importantly could be the ideal destination for your honeymoon where you can exchange unforgettable words of love.

Discover MadagascarHoneymoon in Madagascar: phrases of love at sunset among the baobabs

The topography of the Malagasy territory sees it divided into five parts, unique and special. First of all, there are the central plateaus, where the Antananarivo capital rises: it is here that you can take the famous “Viale del baobab” to the town of Fianarantsoa. Then there is the north side, where the Nosy Be archipelago is located: here you can admire the karst pinnacles of the national park Ankarana or dive into the rainforestpristine park Majority. But it is on the east coast that you can feel in a postcard framed by nature. Relaxing on a very fine beach. Finally, the western part of the island will catapult you into a past where adventure rhymes with pirates. And the Sakalava people keep alive the ancient spiritual beliefs … between centenarian baobabs, of course.

national parks that smell of nature

Honeymoon in Madagascar: phrases of love at sunset among the baobabs

As you may have guessed, the untouched nature. And biodiversity that is preserved in Madagascar is among the main attractions of the African island. Consider that there are at least 5 large national parks, which, together with the aforementioned Marojejy, are among the most famous “green lungs” of the territory. And are home to unique animals. For example, the National Park of Ranomafana is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. And is known above all for the massive presence of lemurs, in 12 species (do you remember the protagonist of the Disney movie “Madagascar”?). Along the RN7 you will meet the Isalo National Park, an ecosystem that this time will make you feel in the middle of “The Lion King”. In the heart of the African savannah indented by canyons, surrounded by rocky massifs and inhabited by a rich fauna.

What about the National Park of the Amber Mountain? Perhaps it is enough to inform you that it develops around a volcano, to make you want to visit it. But not only! It will give you a beautiful volcanic lake where you can mirror your happy faces, as well as spectacular waterfalls that will be the background of your photographs. And the background to your romantic phrases. Do not you have enough? You just have to take a trip to the Andohahela National Park, whose surface of 760 km² covered by the rainforest is home to many species of lemurs.

In the blue painted blue: when the sky merges with the seaHoneymoon in Madagascar: phrases of love at sunset among the baobabs

But Madagascar is not only suitable for excursion lovers: if all you dream for your honeymoon is undisturbed relaxation by the sea, you will not be disappointed by the beaches of the African island. For starters, we suggest you stay at the picturesque fishing village of Anakao, ideal if you love intimate atmospheres. But want to indulge in the luxury of a dream resort. It is, in fact, a delightful village of only 3,000 inhabitants, located in the south-west of the island, whose beaches are the basis of modern tourist facilities. White sand, crystalline sea and an indescribable wealth of fish will accompany your days, where you can snorkel and even surf! But it’s not over here: not far away you can admire the fantastic coral reef of Tulear, another unmissable destination for sea lovers.

Is the island of Madagascar so big that you would like to move to a more intimate place? Then Nosy Be is right for you. Located along the northwest coast of the “Red Island”, this islet is definitely a tourists’ paradise. And even has an airport. While you are enjoying a sun-scorch, here you can breathe the pure air coming from the Lokobe nature reserve. And let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful volcanic lakes that populate it, not to mention the approximately 950 hectares of Mangroves that make it so unique … have you ever seen one?

Discovering life in the city … and on the road!Honeymoon in Madagascar: phrases of love at sunset among the baobabs

In the middle of a rich fauna and an equally laughing flora, lies the capital of Madagascar: Antananarivo. If you love to visit the historic sites, the Palazzo Rova awaits you: it was the center of the Merina kingdom from the seventeenth century. And you can visit the ancient royal tombs; To admire the marvelous baroque pink palace of Andafiavaratra, you will have to go near the city’s Haute Ville district. In the evening, you can have dinner in a suggestive lake view restaurant, that of Anosy in the shape of a heart. Just like the neckline of the elegant formal dress that you will wear for the occasion.


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