How Many Domains Should My Business Have?

The key to achieving success on the Internet is to get the most exposure for your brand or company while spending the least amount of money. This can be done in a number of ways, from pay-per-click advertising to SEO to offline marketing. However, one of the best ways to increase exposure is to give potential customers more ways to find you. Buying multiple domain names gives you more “virtual real estate” and theoretically makes it more likely that customers will find your site. Here we’ll discuss the benefits and potential pitfalls of multiple domain names, and how you can decide what’s the right amount for your company.

The Reasons to Consider Multiple Domain Names

What are the benefits of purchasing multiple domain names anyway? Some of the most important advantages include the following:

· Ensure that People Find your Site:

If you have a hot new business that you anticipate growing and attracting a following, you’ll want to make sure that users find your site even if they make a mistake typing in your URL. For instance, if you own PurpleDogPillows, you should also think about buying the domains for PurpleDogPillow and PurpleDogsPillows. If customers try to access those sites, they’ll still find your business. This can also be a means of protecting your site from any competitors or copycat businesses.

· Showcase your Company’s Multiple Businesses:

If you own an inn that also has a restaurant and a bar, you may consider a separate domain for each aspect of the business. That way you can better market each audience online.

· Boost your Search Engine Optimization:

If you want your page to rank higher on the major search engines, you should definitely consider multiple domains. This will make it easier to target more keyword phrases and receive more traffic to your site.

How Many are Too Many?

Since buying domain names isn’t particularly expensive, it can be easy to buy too many, so it’s up to you to know when you’ve got it covered. Unless you have a particularly valuable brand you need to protect, generally, it’s only worth purchasing domain names as long as you’re going to develop them into landing pages, such as one using a WordPress hosting service. That way you’re getting an SEO boost, too. Even then, however, you don’t want to dilute your brand too much by spreading your effort and content too thin.

Which Options are Available?

Clearly, you want to get the domain of “” if it’s available, but what about .net, .org, and so on? Hundreds of options exist, so purchasing all of them isn’t economically feasible, except for the largest firms. If possible, obtaining the .com, .net and .org options is important. Plus, you may want to look into the specialized suffixes that will fit your particular website. For instance, if you own a law firm, getting the .law suffix would make sense.

As you can see, purchasing multiple domain names is an option to consider when marketing your business online. Speak to your Internet host and see which options are available, as more choices are available now than ever before. Adding some virtual real estate to your online portfolio may be the best way to get your name in front of potential customers and take a big step forward in how you present your brand to the world.

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