how to block a number on phone

How to Block a Number on Phone? Follow These Steps

It often happens from the advent of technology and from the increasingly invasive incursion of smartphones into our routine, that we tend to give little importance to the fact that our mobile number is easily available and that calls can be started to receive daily unwanted. This is what also happens with the insistent and annoying commercial calls from the call centers, at any time of the day.

If you have come here, surely you are in this unpleasant situation and hope there is a solution. The positive thing is that it exists. In this guide, you will find some useful tips and indications on how to block a number on phone through some effective, simple and fast procedures, without the need to resort to drastic measures such as changing your mobile number.

How to block a number on phone?

You will need a mobile phone, specific software.

Register of oppositions

In the case of commercial calls from call centers, you can block unwanted calls by registering with the opposition register. From a legal point of view, those registered in this register do not receive calls from advertising agencies, because their number is crossed out from the list, to which wild marketing is targeted. To register in the opposition register, all you have to do is connect to this page and follow the procedure carefully.

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Call filter

Another way to block unwanted calls is to set the blocking filter for numbers directly from your mobile settings. The latter will give the busy signal and reject all calls and, therefore, you will not run the risk of receiving calls at the least opportune moments, or when you are at work. If you own a smartphone with the Android system, you must click on the icon with the green handset and the screen with the number keypad will open.

Click on the three vertical dots at the top right and select the settings item. Press the “Block numbers” option and, in the next screen, move the lever in active mode to the “Block unknown numbers” feature. Save the changes and return to the main menu. If instead,


Another effective technique to block calls on your mobile phone and get rid of the hassles is to download specific apps, designed for this purpose. There are several for each type of device. Among the best apps on the Appstore, we can count Truecaller and Hiya: both are free and available for Android and Ios operating systems.

These apps have the great advantage of identifying call center numbers and automatically block calls from anonymous numbers as well. Another efficient app is Call Blocker Free which creates a blacklist with unwanted numbers by blocking phone calls and text messages. It is very light and intuitive and it is free. The only flaw is that the latter is only available for smartphones that have an Android system.

You can also transfer all calls to voicemail. In this case, you must start from the contact card itself. If the decision is final, it must be entered through the settings on the blacklist. You can restore the contact from the blacklist at any time.

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