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How to choose a crib for your baby? Style based

If you are hoping for a baby, it is possible that choosing your crib is one of your concerns. We have prepared a selection of the most exciting market. A crib is essentially a bed that is designed specifically for the baby. The cribs are used for an average of 24 months. That said, the right time for your baby to move from a crib to a bed varies from baby to baby. Here, we advice How to choose a crib for your baby. 

A sure sign that your baby is ready to take the next step is when your little one becomes noticeably too big for the crib or can climb over it and escape with little effort. Some cribs are larger and also those that are evolutionary that accompany the baby depending on how old he is. Choose the sunscreen for your baby.

How to choose a crib for your baby?

How to choose a crib

Apart from the security considerations, you should also select depending on the utility and preferences. If you choose well, your baby will adjust to the resting place without difficulties. Before purchasing any cradle, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you want the crib with wheels or without them?
  2. Do you want a cradle for co-sleeping, evolutionary or standard?
  3. Do you want a crib with the adjustable mattress? How many levels?
  4. Do you already have a clear budget for your baby’s crib?

If you have managed to answer these questions, you are clear on what you want and you can go to choose the best crib for your baby. Good luck!

Nordic style

Simple lines, with curved corners, a combination of wood and white, comfort and functionality … These can be the essential keys for choosing the basic furniture for the baby’s room. This set is from Flexa.


This cradle is a classic of the Stokke brand, the Sleepi model, available in white, gray mist and natural wood. Its oval design creates a restful environment that does not limit the movements of the baby. Its base can be adjusted to different heights and can expand in the future to become a bed, a youth sofa or even two chairs. It costs about 649 dollars.


Crib + Changer

If your newborn’s bedroom is rather small, opt for compact furniture that is a two in one. This is the model Alondra, with mint green touches, from El Corte Ingles. A crib that also becomes a trundle bed. It measures 60 x 120 cm, including 2-meter beams and set of slats, to convert the crib into a bed of 90 x 200 cm. Its price, about 1,125 dollars.


Shades The best for baby furniture are soft shades, like this pink Jimi crib from La Redoute. It has a height adjustable slatted base for a comfort adapted to the sleep of babies and measures 60 x 120 cm. It costs about 330.65. The changing furniture, of the same series, is worth more than 237.15 dollars.


Sleeping is a practice in which babies sleep with their parents, it can be done together in the same bed or the baby’s crib is hooked to the parents’ bed as in the picture.


This Kenny Home model is specially designed to practice co-sleeping. This convertible crib in a co-sleeping model has a height-adjustable bed frame in eight positions. In addition, it includes comfortable wheels to move it to the room you need. It costs more than 419 dollars.

Transformer cribs

Transformer cribs

When choosing a crib, choose a safe model that can be used beyond the first months. This, Zara Home, allows you to remove one of its sides completely to be a co-sleeping or bed for the first years. Its price, about 199 dollars.


The secret of these Ikea children’s furniture is flexibility. It works just as well in a newborn’s room as in a pre-adolescent room. As your child grows and their needs change, Stuva furniture also evolves.

The house of your dreams

A crib, a changing table, and a playhouse, all in one. Stokke Home is a system of modules that allows you to choose the components that you prefer from the range of products and design your own room. Its price, about 599 dollars.

Play the cottages

This room, furnished with pieces and accessories from Vertbaudet, is the dream of any baby. In addition to awakening its playful sense, it is a place to be at ease and rest.

Canopy cradle

In smooth wood, its foam mattress covered by a waterproof plasticized fabric measures 50 x 75 x 4 cm. Its wheels favor mobility and include removable canopy (70% cotton and 30% polyester) and chinchona suitable for washing. The measure of the height of the crib with canopy included is 133 cm, costs 199 dollars and is from Zara Home.

trundle bed

Crib + trundle bed

The Pompom model by Kenny Home is a crib that can either incorporate two large drawers for the storage of cribs or toys or a trundle bed, which will expand the rest options. You can turn it into a practical 180×80 cm bed with a trundle bed or drawers and a headboard, a bedside table, a nice desk and a book to store all your things. It costs 979 dollars.

Other basics

Once you have chosen the crib look at the other essentials: the commode-changer, which adds order and comfort. The chair or rocking chair, to breastfeed or bottle. A wardrobe, to store all your clothes and accessories well. And finally, a carpet of games, that is washable.

The arrival of a baby revolutionizes a house. You have to prepare your room and most importantly, your crib. Many options are depending on the space you have if you prefer that it is transformable so that later it becomes a bed if you prefer to practice co-sleeping and sleep next to you … Find out, value and contrast all the possibilities and think about your comfort but also in yours!

In addition to the crib, it is important that you pay attention to the sheets and cushions, run away from the synthetic fabrics and ensure that the crib mattress is also made of natural materials. Bamboo cotton, linens, and muslin are better materials for newborns.

When should you buy a crib?


Most mothers seek to buy cribs while pregnant, just before the start of the third trimester. Normally you expect to know the sex of the baby by the accessories that can go to the crib, but if you plan to have more children, when you buy the crib it is better to have a neutral design. So that, it can serve both for boy and girl.

Ideally, you should plan to buy the crib in advance, since sometimes companies take a long time to send the crib of the babies home. Thus, you will avoid stress at the last minute and you can have the crib installed as soon as possible.

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