how to connect iphone to tv

How to Connect iPhone to TV

Have you just discovered that among the countless and efficient features available on the iPhone there is the possibility to connect your iOS device to the TV? Are you excited to test this function because you have a TV that does not support applications like Netflix and you want to view your favorite programs on the television screen through the use of the iPhone? To do this, just take a few minutes to read this guide, thanks to which you will discover that connecting your iPhone to television. It is much simpler than you might think. Connecting the iPhone to your home television is really easy. All you have to do is take a few minutes to read this guide on how to connect iPhone to tv!

If you want to see the photos, videos or any other element contained in your smartphone sitting on the sofa in the living room, just perform a quick and very intuitive procedure. It will also allow us to view films and TV series or simply to share pictures of a trip, videos of children while they play or funny photos of the dog with friends and relatives. Are you increasingly excited about the prospect of all these potentials?

How to connect iphone to tv?

How to Connect iPhone to TV

You will need:

  • WIFI network
  • Smart TV
  • iPhone

Connect iPhone to TV with Thunderbolt and HDMI cable

If you are willing to invest in monetary terms in order to make the most of the connection between the iPhone and television, the first thing to do is obtain an adapter compatible with your iPhone. Different types of adapters are indicated on the Apple online store under “iPhone accessories”, recommended on the basis of the model of the iPhone available. If you choose to purchase the adapter through the online store, you can place your order on the official Apple website: the adapter cable will be delivered to your home within 24 hours.

This cable allows you to play everything that appears on the device’s display: from applications to movies. To make the connection effective, you need an additional accessory: an HDMI cable, traceable at any specialized store at extremely low prices (between 2 and 5 euros). Once you have purchased the two accessories, you can proceed to connect the iPhone with your TV extremely quickly.

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Connect via wireless transmission

If, on the other hand, you want to connect without having a Thunderbolt cable and an HDMI cable, you can rely on the wireless transmission technologies supported by different iPhone compatible Smart TV models. These technologies allow you to broadcast content from certain applications (such as YouTube and Netflix) to TV. In order for the system to respond correctly, you need to make sure that iPhone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. iPhone-compatible transmission technologies are varied. Among these, the most suitable are AnyView Cast, supported by Hisense televisions, and Google Cast, which can be used if you have an Android TV.

Connect iPhone and television via Apple TV

In case you have an Apple TV, the connection between the screen and that of our TV will be almost immediate. The connection will be guaranteed by the Apple TV application, which allows you to transfer the contents of the iOS device to the TV without using any particular cable or configuration. The App, in fact, allows you to use the “AirPlay Mirroring” function, which guarantees the transmission of content in real-time using only a Wi-Fi network to which both devices must be connected to which you want to connect. To start the connection, simply press the “Home” button on the iPhone twice. Once this is done, the multitasking menu will be displayed.

Connect iPhone to TV via Chromecast

Do you have a Smart TV that does not make it possible to use an iPhone compatible wireless transmission system or do you have a TV that does not allow Wi-Fi connection? If so, you may think that there is no way to connect your iPhone to the TV! Don’t worry, just rely on Chromecast. It is a dongle owned by Google and it, if connected to the HDMI port of the television, a power source and a Wi-Fi network, gives the possibility to transmit all the multimedia contents of the applications that support it, such as e.g. Netflix and Infinity.

After purchasing the program, available in all the main physical and online Stores, it must be connected to the TV in order to be configured using the Google Home application, available on the App Store at no cost. During the final configuration phase, you will be asked to indicate the name of the room in which you installed the Chromecast, for the kitchen, and select the Wi-Fi network with which you want to use the application, which must be the same as the one iPhone is connected. After finishing the configuration it will be possible to transmit multimedia content from the iPhone to the TV quickly and easily. Good vision!

The steps to follow to connect iPhone to television are simple and, more importantly, the guide explains several options. Choose the one most useful to your needs.

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