CamScanner apk

How to convert images to documents very with CamScanner apk

Maybe on over one occasion you have needed, or have had the idea, to share something in PDF format, and you have not known how to do it. Well, this is just what the CamScanner apk offers with this application it is possible to take a picture of something, even containing text. It generates a document in the PDF file format from a photo. It is possible to share the result and a standard format. Download the CamScanner apk from here

CamScanner apk: Convert images to documents

CamScanner apk

The scanning app can convert a device such as a phone or a tablet with an Android operating system that has a camera in a mobile scanner and save yourself from having to carry an additional accessory from one place to another. Besides, they increase the possibilities of using the devices above. It is always positive and shows that the options they offer are broad.

It can convert invoices, notes or labels into text documents. That is to say, that OCR (character recognition) technology is used. So, it is even possible to edit the text that is obtained and in this way adapt the creation in the best way.

CamScanner becomes one of the most advanced works that exist in your market segment. Next, we will tell you how to use this powerful tool so you can try it on your phone. You can try the study apps beside the scanner app.

CamScanner app

In the top part, we will leave a link that will take you directly to the application so you can download it and install it on your Android device, you must take into account that you need an Android version equal to or greater than 2.3, otherwise you cannot use it the application.

Once you have installed the application, to generate a PDF, everything is intuitive. Once you access the capture of the photo, an editor opens in which, first, has already made an automatic selection of what CamScanner believes is important. This can be varied easily using the equine and lateral indicators. Once this has been completed, it accesses new manipulation screens.

Scanner app

There is the possibility of varying sections such as brightness and contrast, which is superb for seeing texts with quality before converting it into PDF and, in addition, there is also the option to include a watermark and Set a password in the final result. For sharing the created documents (PDF or JPEG). It is even possible to set parameters for this to be on social networks. Without a doubt, there is no lack of options for Cam scanner to be an indispensable tool in Android phones.

The best of all is that you can download it free, you can use the CamScanner apk is easy because it is highly intuitive and fluid. If you liked this article, do not forget to share it with your friends and on your social networks.

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