how to disinfect mobile phone

How to Disinfect Mobile Phone? What to Use

Especially in times of CoronaVirus, but also in everyday life, cleaning the phone and disinfecting it is very important, especially because it accumulates such a quantity of dirt in a way that one would not expect. Today the telephone is used in any type of environment, it is placed on tables, chairs and also on bathroom counters or public places that are not really sanitized. Not to mention the sweat that is left on a smartphone after a long phone call, the touches made with dirty hands and the dust that accumulates inside the pockets or bag in which the cell phone is kept.

Phones get dirty easily, but it is also easy to clean and sanitize them to avoid contact with microorganisms that can bring unpleasant influences (and also CoronaVirus). The important thing is to know what can be used to disinfect and clean the smartphone and what can ruin the screen or other electronic parts.

How to disinfect mobile phone?

First of all, it is important to know what not to absolutely use to disinfect and clean the smartphone: bleach, vinegar, alcohol (even if I have read of doctors who recommend it, alcohol ruins the phone), glass cleaner, cleaning products of the house and most aggressive disinfectant chemicals can be used to clean the sides and back of an Android smartphone or iPhone, but they must be kept away from all the glass parts of the phone.

how to disinfect mobile phone

Otherwise, they will eat the oleophobic coating and hydrophobic (water repellent), which is used on the phone screen against fingerprints, and also the protective coating against scratches. In addition, chemicals can damage the internal components of the phone.

Another idea to avoid is to use compressed air to remove dust from the slots and the phone ports. Although it may work, there is a risk of damaging the microphone and speaker with air blows.

Neither sanitizing wipes that typically contain alcohol nor paper towels that can scratch can not be used to clean phone.

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How to clean the phone by hand

To clean a smartphone, whatever it is, you can use a microfiber cloth or the cloth that is used to clean the lenses of the glasses.

The soft cloth does not scratch the screen and can remain dry to remove dust or it can be made slightly damp with distilled water (but little because the water must not penetrate inside the smartphone). On the damp cloth, you can also put a drop of soap for dishes or for hands that are quite delicate. With distilled water, you can also mix a small amount of 70% isopropyl alcohol which can sanitize and disinfect the smartphone. For the most difficult to reach parts, a cotton swab can be used.

The best way to clean a smartphone is to buy a specific cleaning kit like this one found on the market, which has all the pieces to clean every single part of a smartphone.

Even better, on the microfibre cloth, you can use a liquid without chemical detergents, which perfectly cleans the screen, leaves no streaks or dirt and also has a pleasant scent.

Another alternative is a disposable screen wipe.

The easiest way to disinfect your phone is to use UV rays. Ultraviolet lights can, in fact, kill bacteria and sanitize a phone in minutes. To use this method, you can buy a special device that looks like a tanning bed the size of a doll. Put the phone in the device and it will be completely sanitized and disinfected by any bacteria or microorganism.

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