How to fix a water damaged phone

How to fix a water damaged phone after a month

The Smartphone dropped in water is something that I recently hear quite often, and I am asked what to do to remedy the damage. Blame the carelessness. It happened to a guy who had accidentally dropped his phone in the water of the toilet bowl (fortunately he had already flushed!). Let’s see how to fix a water damaged phone? 

At other times it is the fault of the hurry. If the rain suddenly “hits us” we start to run, and the Smartphone, the Tablet or any other electronic trinket could fall from our pocket or bag and end up in a puddle of water.

How to fix a water damaged phone after a month?

How to fix a water damaged phone

It’s something that happens to almost everyone: iPod, Smartphone, Tablet or other electronic devices. They do not live very well with water; they fall into the sink, toilet bowl, fountain or puddle while we take a picture and we run to shelter from the rain. It can happen to everyone, and this guide is needed to make sure you can recover (at least try) the device.

The fall of the electronic device in the water is certainly not a good event and in many cases it may end up not working anymore, thus losing photos, address book and messages (that’s why periodic backups of devices are important. For example, Google Drive, Dropbox and use services like Google Photos).

A little ‘less serious break the iPod or MP3 player in general, since at most we lose the songs we have stored if they are not saved on other devices or PC.

But always breaks and you can not use it anymore? No, in most cases following the list of our recommendations it is quite probable that your device will start working again as if nothing had happened!

To Recover the Smartphone dropped in water, You must Act Immediately! Please note that we do not take any responsibility for what you are doing; what you do is at your own risk.

The first thing is not to panic and from the first moment when we realize that the smartphone has been damaged by contact with water you have to act. Immediately! Every second is important and precious to make the damage irreparable.

First of all, if our device allows it, we remove the cover, the battery, the SIM card, the memory card and any part that can be removed from our poor trinket (always taking care not to break it).

Once this first operation is done, we start the drying process. A simple paper towel, toilet paper or cloth is sufficient.
We start to dab each point where we see a few drops of water, trying to dry it as much as possible: if there is any trace of water in our phone we risk that we will not be able to “revive.”

Now if our phone fell into the sink and took only a few drops of water, we can already turn it back on and see it work. If instead it was just submerged by water then read on.

dry phone with hair dryer

Quick drying method

Wipe the smartphone dropped into the water. Let’s take a hair dryer, and start drying it. Let’s do it right: the battery compartment is full of small holes that are used to ventilate the inside of the phone. There you need to pay close attention.

Warning: do not keep the Phone at a high temperature near the device!

To adjust the distance to be held between the hair dryer and the device to be dried, put your hand in front of the jet of air. If the air is too hot for our hand, it will also be for our device.

Air that is too hot may damage the electronic components of the mobile phone. Do not take this warning lightly: you risk burning the delicate electronic components that allow your phone to work.

After thoroughly drying the phone with the Phon we wait about 30-40 minutes, and then we try to turn it on.
It still does not work? Do not despair there is still the next plan.

Slow drying method

Slow drying method

Not even the drying of the phone with the hair dryer has come to make you rekindle your phone? Do not despair: there is still the possibility to see it turned on. Keep reading!

Put your mobile phone in a warm, dry place at home, for example in the closet where you keep your laundry or near the boiler above a piece of furniture with the radiator underneath.

Do not listen to the guides who say to put the phone directly above the radiator: you risk only damaging it permanently, the same thing that we said for the hairdryer. Moreover, the cracks from which the steam must come out are very small, we risk doing a “water cycle” right inside our cell phone. The water evaporates and condenses from another part, but always inside of the cellphone.

Ultimately putting the phone in a warm and dry place allows the water to evaporate slowly through the small holes in the cell phone.

During this second phase we can try:

  • Try placing the mobile phone upside down: screen down and bottom up. This should allow the water to evaporate more easily.
  • Let’s keep it at 20 ° C: it’s a good temperature for this type of operation.
  • Let’s dismantle it as much as possible if you also want the screws, but at your own risk (if it were my device I would not do it).
  • Another remedy, which I tried only once with an old Ericsson T19 dropped into the pool is to put the phone in the middle of raw rice. To try to make him absorb all the residual moisture present.

If even with all this advice you can not make your phone work, then the advice is to contact an official service center of the brand of your Smartphone to assess the damage and any cost of repair. If the cost is high, forget it and buy a new one.

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