How to get rid of acne scars fast
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How to get rid of acne scars fast with natural remedies

I got rid of the stye that came out 3 days ago. But now what happened? I have left a scar the size of a crater on the moon. Nothing worse than that, I finally eliminated acne, but have all those scars that remind you. So, how to get rid of acne scars fast?

Actually, there are many forms, from surgeries, through pills, creams, and antibiotics to natural remedies. To eliminate all those holes and scars you do not really need to go through a surgery process. You can easily do it from your home with natural remedies that do not have chemicals involved. So today I’m going to show you natural remedies to eliminate the scars produced by acne and increase your beauty.

How to get rid of acne scars fast with Aloe Vera?

aloe vera for acne scars

It is true that aloe vera has an uncountable amount of components that make this plant one of the best options to eliminate scars.

Thanks to these natural chemical components of aloe vera we can be sure of our skin:

  • Mannose phosphate allows much faster healing because it is a specialized component in tissue growth.
  • Plant hormones also have healing effects.
  • With mucopolysaccharides, you can moisturize your skin avoiding it to dry, something that can make scars worse.
  • Finally, the Phytosterols will help you to reduce the area.

And if that does not give you enough reasons to use Aloe Vera, nothing will. The way we should apply it is very simple. It is better to do it directly from a plant since it will be 100% natural.  It only stings the plant and extracts all the crystalline gel that is inside.

Once you have removed it you can liquefy it to make it even more creamy. Apply it 2 or 3 times a day and you will see how changes occur in a short time.

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Coconut oil for acne scars

Coconut oil for acne scars

Of the coconut oil, we have spoken several times in this blog, it can not only help you eliminate scars, it has properties to eliminate your acne as well. However, today we are going to eliminate those holes. So, I want to give you the benefits that coconut oil can give you in terms of scars:

The vitamin E, which is antioxidant par excellence, is also known to make the process faster fade scars and burns. And not only helps to disappear the scars that you already had, but it also prevents the appearance of new thanks that acts from before penetrating more deeply into your skin, hydrating it and protecting you from bacteria in the environment.

Apply it on your face is very simple. Use it 1 or 2 times a day before cleaning your face with soap.

First, you must have your face completely dry to do it, with a cotton ball or with your fingertips rub the oil over your face making circular movements until you feel that you have eliminated all the dirt. Then with unused cotton remove all the coconut oil and wash your face with your facial soap.

You can do this process after getting up in the morning and before going to sleep at night.

Baking soda for acne scars

baking soda for acne scars

Another very popular home remedy for acne is baking soda. In fact, you could say that this is one of the most versatile of this list, with this you can do a lot of activities at home that not only have to do with the health of your skin.

On the other hand for the skin can also bring you many benefits, it is a quintessential bleach so it will help you remove those dark scars and blemishes too.

These are some of the properties of baking soda that will help you eliminate those scars:

  • It makes the production of collagen much faster by helping to quickly replace the scars already formed, also makes the dead skin disappear faster and is replaced by new skin.
  • Some scars may be more pronounced so the sodium bicarbonate will help them disappear layer by layer.
  • And if you apply it during acne you will be preventing the appearance of new scars.
  • Apply it 2 or 3 times a day or let it work all night, you only need the baking soda and a little water or lemon to dissolve it.

Honey for acne scars

Honey for acne scars

There can be nothing more natural than honey, it is recommended and prescribed by many doctors and can also be found as ingredients in many drugs. Honey has many benefits that not only help you to have shiny skin, it can prevent colds, lessen the effects of fever and flu and also helps to improve the digestion process.

But that’s not what matters to us, right? We want to know how honey is good to eliminate scars:

  • Before all honey will help you to repair dead skin thanks to the antioxidants produced by bees.
  • It works as a natural moisturizer that keeps your skin clean, soft and smooth. It is used as a moisturizer since it helps eliminate scars.
  • Many other benefits that not all have to do with scars, in fact, will also help you to remove acne and prevent your skin from new scars.
  • Like the previous remedies, you simply have to place it overnight or twice a day and sooner rather than later you will see results.

Lemon for acne scars

Lemon for acne scars

The lemon for dozens of years has been used for any type of use, from cleaning, through cooking to health. Today we are going to talk a little about the benefits it can give you regarding the disappearance of scars:

  • Thanks to the high content of vitamin C that the lemons have, they help to reduce the scars and to whiten the spots that you have on the face since this vitamin slows down and stops the production of melanin in our face.
  • And not only the holes and scars that you have on the face will eliminate, but the spots count as a form of scar and thanks to the properties of natural exfoliant and hydrator will also make the job easier to the stains to disappear.
  • You can apply the lemon on your face only in damaged areas and leave it overnight.


These remedies will help eliminate scars but do they eliminate acne? Eliminating acne is not about smearing topics, treatments or creams. If it is true that they can help at first, in the long run, these will have no effect. When you do this you will only be eliminating the consequences of acne: scars, spots, and pimples. What you really want is to eliminate the causes of acne, the root. And the causes of acne are inside of you. In your diet, your lifestyle and your hygiene.

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