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How To Keep Your Carpet New And Beautiful

When it comes to keeping your carpet new and beautiful, there aren’t any crazy carpet cleaning secrets or gimmicks necessary. It’s just simple common sense for practicing some simple routine maintenance and keeping an eye on those high traffic areas. Excessive foot traffic can be just as potentially damaging as that red wine spill or pet mess that gets left behind.

The trick to minimizing or eliminating those impacts entirely is to stay dedicated to the task. Carpeting requires a commitment to keeping it new and beautiful. The choice is up to you for making sure your expensive floor coverings remains looking and feeling their best.

So how do you keep your carpeting in the best shape possible for as long as possible? Just keep it simple and stay on schedule.

Scheduled Maintenance

You have all kinds of important meetings, appointments, and routine events that you need to remember each week. Now you have one more and that’s performing a weekly cleaning of your carpet. It doesn’t need to be a full deep cleaning of the material, but at least a vacuuming to eliminate all of the surface dirt, hair, and grime that can get stuck in the fibers.

That’s the weekly necessity, shampooing the carpet once a month is also important and should be done for lifting stains from the surface and killing bacteria that might be ground deep down in the material.

As for getting a deep clean, that should be done at least once a year by a professional company specializing in carpet cleaning in Brentwood TN.

Clean Up the Mess

Perhaps the most obvious way to keep your carpet looking new and beautiful is to make sure you tend to those accidents that happen every so often. Whether it’s red wine or the new puppy doesn’t make it outside before going to the bathroom, you need to get to messes while they’re still fresh.

Doing so will be helpful in preventing stains from setting in because you can absorb more of the spilled substance and wick it from the fibers of the carpet surface. But the way you do that is just as important as when you do it.

You must always blot at a spill on the carpet, never wipe. If you do the latter you run the risk of rubbing the mess deeper into the carpet and forcing it into the carpet fibers. Instead, blot gently but firmly and try to soak up as much of the substance that’s been spilled as you can.

After picking up the bulk of the moisture, use your preferred carpet cleaner to eradicate what’s left. Dabbing at the area with your cleanser should complete the job. Be sure to vacuum when you’re finished.

That last part is important because you haven thoroughly cleaned the mess unless you’ve vacuumed the part of the carpet that you used the cleanser on. You don’t want to leave behind any residue from the type of cleaner you chose. It could lead to another spot in the area you took that time to clean.

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