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How to keep yourself warm in the cold weather.

Once the cold winter weather starts to set in it is important to remember to keep both yourself and your loved ones nice and warm. One quick way to do this is to make sure that you keep your boiler maintained and checked annually to ensure that it keeps your house nice and toasty. If you are looking to have your boiler checked to make sure that it is all running smoothly in time for the winter weather, then it is worth taking a look at Gloucester Boiler servicing company

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Cold weather can have more of an impact on your body than you realise, especially for people with pre-existing medical conditions as well as the young and the elderly. The cold air can increase issues for people with lung conditions including asthma and the cold temperatures can cause an increase in the risks of high blood pressure including heart attacks and strokes. There are some things that you can do to help keep yourself warm during the chilly weather.

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  • Setting the right temperature – the optimum temperature that you should try and maintain your house and in particular your bedroom at, this is 18 C. This is the best temperature for allowing you to sleep, as well as maintaining a good level of heat in your house.
  • Stay indoors or wrap up warm– whilst this may not be entirely practical if you have to go out to work or shopping, where possible you should avoid going out during really cold weather unless absolutely necessary. If there is a need to go outdoors it is best to dress in a number of light layers rather than one thick, chunky jumper. If the weather has turned icy or snowy then it is a good idea to wear sturdy shoes with good grip to help you take care on any slippery surfaces.
  • Look after your radiators – one of the best ways to ensure that you are getting the most out of the heat from your radiators is to make sure that you don’t have any furniture located in front of them as this prevents the warm air from circulating around the room. If your radiator is situated underneath a window it can be a good idea to place a shelf above the radiator or use a radiator cover to direct the air flow into the room rather than straight out of the window.

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