How To Make A Good Photo?

How To Make A Good Photo?

Now you do not need to have a professional technique in order to seriously get involved in photography – pretty good cameras can be found on any modern smartphone. With the help of interesting pictures, we keep the warmest memories, we document daily life and share bright moments with friends and family. But how to make a good photo?

Of course, the more experience you have – the more pictures you take, the better they are. But do not forget about a few basic tips for high-quality photography:

  • Focus on the look
  • Use flash
  • Experiment with location
  • Watch light and focus
  • Be the director of the picture

How To Make A Good Photo?


Direct eye contact on a photograph can be just as attractive as in real life. Try, when photographing, to keep the camera at the level of a person’s eyes in order to show all the magnetism of his gaze and the charm of a smile. Ask the person to look directly into the lens.

You can pay attention to the eyes not only with the help of a direct look. Also, an interesting photo can be obtained when the model looks to the side or avoids the lens. In this case, of course, it is important for the photographer to capture a really good moment.


Bright sun can create not the most attractive deep facial shadows. Use a flash to lighten the face and eliminate these shadows. Do not forget about it on sunny days.

It is also important to know the flash range on your device. If you shoot from too far away, the photo may be too dark. This is especially true for shooting in the dark.

How To Make A Good Photo?


If an object that you photograph is smaller than a passenger car, do not be afraid to take the extra step towards it. Small objects look more profitable if the maximum fills the space of the photo.

When photographing a person, try to choose a neutral background so that bright and catchy objects in the background do not distract from the model itself. Also, in this case, you can safely focus on the center of the picture.

But photographing nature or architecture, you can afford the most daring experiments with the location. In this case, just placing the object in the center of the frame will look too boring and mundane.

Light and focus is most important to take a good photo

Just in case when the main subject is not in the center of the image, special attention should be paid to focus, autofocus cannot cope in this case and you will have to adjust it. By itself, focusing on one subject provides you with a large field for experimentation. Try to capture a clear image in the foreground and leave the background completely blurred – this alone will make your photo more interesting.

One of the most important components of a good photo is the right light. Whether it is natural light or especially exposed lamps, make sure that the light improves the image, and not showing its flaws. Sunlight is also interesting in itself – with the help of glare and reflections, you can add a picture of indescribable charm and lightness.

How To Make A Good Photo?


Do not be passive photographers; try to bring the plot, dynamics into your pictures. Take responsibility and do not be afraid to adjust the behavior of your models. Choose a background, add interesting props and advise people what specific postures they should take. Look at the picture as something whole. Your photo should tell a story without words. The necessary information can be transmitted just with the help of posture and facial expressions, light and shadow, atmosphere and additional objects.

And most importantly – do not be afraid to take pictures, the ability to take good pictures will come to you with experience.

In addition to the usual photos these days, selfies are very popular. Social networks, in particular, Instagram, increase our need for instant photos, for which it is not necessary to know any secrets of professional photography.

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