How to make emojis on computer
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How to make emojis on computer? Most used emojis

There are lots of Emoji Builder website that allows you to create emoji from other familiar faces. The user can choose the shape of the face, eyes, mouth, and eyebrows, and add accessories. In the end, your emoji can be downloaded in PNG format to be sent on social networks or in chat apps. Now, learn how to make emojis on computer.Β 

How to make emojis on computer?

emoji builder

In the following tutorial, check out how to use the Emoji Builder site to create new custom emoji. The application runs directly from the browser and you do not have to download or install anything on your PC.

Step 1. Go to the Emoji Builder website. In the left side column of the screen, you can choose the face, add other eye, mouth and accessory formats.

Step 2. In the right column, you can drag an item up or down to change the order. Click on the button with the four arrows to change the position, scale and rotation of each object;

Step 3. Use the button with the two arrows to invert the side of the eyes, eyebrows, mouths and accessories or the “x” to remove it;

Step 4. Finally, press “Save” to download and save the emoji on your PC, in PNG format.

Ready! Enjoy the tips to create personalized emojis and send to your friends.

Use the touch keyboard in Windows to create Emoji figures

touch keyboard in Windows to create Emoji

Inserting Emoji characters and emoticons with the touch keyboard is very easy, just follow the following steps and guide yourself with the images:

  1. In the Desktop mode in Windows, right click on the taskbar and in the menu select “Bar tools -> Touch keyboard.” Activate the Touchpad in the Windows taskbar.
  2. Click on the new keyboard-like icon that is now shown at the far right of the bar.Β  Touchpad icon in the Windows taskbar.
  3. You will see on the screen a small virtual keyboard similar to the following image. Windows touch keyboard. When you click on the icon in the bar or on the cross in the upper left corner, it is minimized.
  4. To put the keyboard in Emoji mode, just click on the Smiley key. Emoji mode of the touch keyboard.
  5. Several Emoji emoticons are shown in full color, organized into categories. You can navigate through them using the keys in the bottom row.Β  Explore the icons for each category using the arrow key on the left.

Now just open the document, presentation or social network where you need to insert the emoticons, select the exact place to insert them and click on the keyboard icons.

Most used emojis

Most used emojis

During the analysis, the company counted which emojis are most used on social media like facebook, twitter,Β  snapchat etc. The champion is emoji “crying with happiness. πŸ˜‚” In general, the most popular are those who express feelings, such as smile and crying or that symbolize love, such as hearts.

See the meaning of the most used emojis:

Emoji Name How it is used
πŸ˜‚ Face With Tears of Joy To demonstrate funny moments/laughter
😍 Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes Used in place of the expressions ‘I love you’ or ‘I love it.’
😭 Loudly Crying Face Demonstrates sadness
😩 Weary Face (Tired) Emoji with tired appearance. Very used to express withdrawal
😊 Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes (Smiling) Shows happiness
😘 Face Blowing a Kiss (Sending kisses) Usually used to show affection
πŸ˜’ Thinking Face (Thoughtful) Express doubt
❀️ Red Heart Used to show love
πŸ’― Hundred Points Symbol (Number 100) It can mean pride or acceptance to an idea
😎 Smiling Face With Sunglasses (Smiley Face With Sunglasses) Used to get a feeling of fun

Currently, 95% of all people online have used some kind of emoji. The research concludes that emoji is moving to become a kind of global language. It allows people from all over the world to communicate, regardless of language.

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