How To Make Terry Towels Soft And Fluffy After Washing?
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How To Make Terry Towels Soft And Fluffy After Washing?

Buying terry towels and bathrobes, everyone tries to choose the softest and pleasant to the touch product. But already after just a couple of washes, a complete disappointment sets in: instead of a fluffy and tender canvas, an unpleasant and hard piece of cloth turns out in his hands. It is noticed that after washing in the car, the automatic terry towels not only lose their softness but also absorb moisture much worse.

How to return the softness of the towel to the terry in the home and what to do so that the thing does not lose its original appearance and ability to quickly absorb moisture? In this article, you will find professional answers and worthy recommendations for the care of things from delicate fabrics.

How To Make Terry Towels Soft And Fluffy After Washing?

Causes of stiffness

Before you try to change something, you should understand the causes of unpleasant consequences.

The reasons for the rigidity of terry products include the following:

The degree of hardness of tap water. Various impurities contained in the water, during washing, are deposited in a dense material, thereby making the villi of the fabric heavier, making them more rigid and prickly.

High water temperature during washing. Terry products are best washed in water no higher than 40 degrees and in no case turn on the washing machine in the “Boil” mode. At high temperatures, the towel becomes useless and loses its softness.

How To Make Terry Towels Soft And Fluffy After Washing?

A large number of revolutions during the spin cycle. While wringing, the fabric, although it is twisted to a semi-dry state, as a result, loses its original appearance and softness.

Low-quality laundry detergents. Cheap washing powders and gels not only do not clean towels of impurities but also destroy the structure of the fabric.

Wrong drying. It is not recommended to dry terry things too often, resorting to the help of heating devices (radiators, coils in the bathroom, etc.). During drying in this way, the air does not have time to pass through each vag of the maker, and the heat coming from the heaters creates a greenhouse effect and unnaturally rapid evaporation of moisture.

The quality of the fabric from which the product is sewn. A cheap and poor-quality thing will become useless much faster, even if you follow all the rules of care (washing, rinsing, drying, etc.). When choosing and buying terry towels you should be aware that the quality of a thing directly depends on the density of the material. A loose and thin towel will become useless after a few washes.

How To Make Terry Towels Soft And Fluffy After Washing?

Tips for the return of soft terry products

After losing the softness and fluffiness of your favorite things from the mahr, you should not panic and get rid of spoiled products – just listen to the advice of experienced housewives and manufacturers of household chemicals.

How To Make Terry Towels Soft And Fluffy After Washing?

To return the original look to terry towels, you should:

  1. During washing, use detergent in the form of a gel or capsules. Do not wash towels with villus washing powders in the form of granules. Liquid detergents intended for washing are rinsed out of the fibers of the fabric much better. From this thing, the washed gel becomes softer and more pleasant to the touch.
  2. During washing in the machine, add a special moisturizing fabric softener. This will not only preserve the fluffiness of the product but also give the washed out fresh aroma. The only condition when using the air conditioner is to set the additional rinse mode.
  3. When hand washing should not squeeze terry things by strong twisting. From this fibers are deformed, become rigid and caustic. It is best to gently squeeze out wet things and leave for draining water, substituting a basin or bucket.
  4. Wash and dry towels should not be ironed. To avoid creasing after drying, you should, before hanging the towel on the cord, shake it sharply and, carefully straightening, hang, securing the edges of the product with clothespins.
  5. To give greater ease and softness to towels, you can use a steamer. With it, you will not only return the original look to the towels but also destroy all harmful microbes and bacteria. This advice is especially useful for the care of children’s towels and clothes made of a towel (dressing gowns, sheets, bibs, children’s clothes).
  6. In order to completely clean terry cloth fibers from detergent, after washing, they should be additionally soaked in clean water at room temperature. For best results, you can leave the towels soaked overnight, then drain and rinse things again.

How To Make Terry Towels Soft And Fluffy After Washing?

Folk Remedies

Our mothers and grandmothers also wondered how to return tenderness to products made. Here are some time-tested tips:

  • Add baking soda to water. This additive acts as a stain remover (things washed with the addition of soda become brighter and cleaner, even the old, stained stains disappear), but also a water softener. When washing with baking soda water hardness is significantly reduced, and as a result – terry towels are again like new.
  • The use of vinegar solution will help to soften hard water, as well as save things from hardness and loss of color. It is enough to add 100 ml of acetic acid 9% acid per 10 liters of water – and you will be surprised how much softer and more pleasant to the touch your clothes will become after washing in this way. Even old washed towels will get their original look.
  • Adding to the laundry detergent ordinary table salt will help avoid the stiffness of the dried laundry. Pour a teaspoon of salt into the laundry detergent tray with detergent, then wash the clothes in the “gentle wash” mode, turn on the extra rinse and the minimum spin. The softness of things washed in this way is guaranteed!

How To Make Terry Towels Soft And Fluffy After Washing?

Rules for the care of terry towels

In order to maintain the softness and absorbent properties of terry towels, it is not enough to use additional products – you must also take into account the information specified by the manufacturer on the labels. Manufacturers indicate not only the optimal temperature of water for washing, but also the spin mode, the possibility of using bleach, and so on.

In the absence of information on care, you should choose a gentle mode and the water temperature should not exceed 60 degrees. Does not use bleach? To remove stains, it is best to use a bleaching pencil or laundry soap.

How To Make Terry Towels Soft And Fluffy After Washing?

Taking into account all the recommendations and tips, you keep the softness and tenderness of products from the terry and can enjoy the novelty of terry towels for a long time.

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