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How to organise an awards event

If you’ve been tasked with organising a fundraiser, a ceremony to thank staff or for recognising excellence in your industry, awards are a fantastic way of bringing your community together for some genuine fun and praise. However, staging an event worthy of the Oscars is no mean feat, so here are some helpful tips in how to roll out the red carpet properly:

  1. Give your ceremony a great name

Before organising anything, a name will help you to focus on your goals and aims for the night. This will help bring everything together and ensure you have one narrative theme, making your event more cohesive.

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  1. Check the name is free

Before flying with the great name you’ve chosen, you’ll want to check none of your competitors have beaten you to it. Try an internet search of ideas you’ve come up with to see if it brings up any awards with the same or similar name. You will want to use similar keywords but avoid being confused with other events.

  1. Test the name

If you have a few names you like, try creating a mock logo, web page or marketing email with each name to see which one works best. You can always seek help from a professional Events Agency Dublin like

  1. Create a brief

It doesn’t matter what type of event you’re organising, a brief is essential for setting out exactly why you’re having the event, what your goals are and what you want the ceremony to achieve.

This is helpful because once you’ve identified these factors, they will help you to figure out the number and type of guests, where it should be staged and the tone of the evening.

  1. Set a budget

Every event needs a budget from the outset. You can only know what food, drink and entertainment you can realistically organise without knowing how much you have available to spend. Things to consider include whether the tickets will be free or charged and will a possible sponsorship cover the cost of the ceremony?

  1. Venue choices

How much money you have to spend, and the size of the guest list will influence this decision. You might want to consider a venue with some unusual, unique or wowing factor. Awards ceremonies should be swanky and glam, and this will help to increase excitement and anticipation.

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  1. Who will judge?

You want your awards to be seen as genuine and a demonstration of integrity, so choosing who judges is a decision not to be taken lightly. The judges must be seen as fair, impartial and independently chosen. Do they garner respect in their professional or industry? It’s important to draw up rules and guidelines in the event that judges cannot come to a unanimous decision.

A crowd-pleasing idea is to include a ‘People’s Choice’ Award, so the attendees can choose their winner. This helps to encourage investment in the night and gives back some control to the participants.

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